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Chloe Ciliberto, the brains behind successful family, travel and lifestyle blog Life Unexpected has shared her top 10 tips to help your child get a peaceful night’s sleep:

If you’re a parent I’m sure at some point you’ve found it a challenge to get your child to sleep at night. For some parents its a nightly battle to not only get your children up to bed, but to get them to stay there.

If getting enough sleep is an issue for your family, check out these 10 tips and tricks to help your child sleep better at night:

1.Night light – Night lights are a great investment for children who struggle to sleep in the dark. A simple ‘tap on/tap off’ night light that’s on a timer is the perfect way for children to practice sleeping in the dark, as well as giving them the comfort of light when they need it.


2. Routine – Routines are brilliant for getting children into a sleepy mind frame. Something simple like the ‘bath, book, bed’ routine can get children familiar with the start of bedtime and can help to prevent any pre-bedtime tantrums.


3. Tidy room – Messy rooms can actually prevent children from getting a good rest. Toys strewn everywhere can be a big distraction for children who are trying to sleep. It’s worth investing in some large storage baskets, like this pink gingham toy basket, so that toys can easily be tidied away.


4. Foods before bed – Sugary treats before bed can cause a big spike in energy. Try replacing sugary treats with a simple glass of milk and some crackers to see if it helps your child sleep better.


5. Set a wake up time – For children who like to get up at the crack of dawn, it’s a good idea to invest in a clock and set them a wake up time. Show them the numbers on a clock, like this fairy wall clock, and tell them that it’s not time to get up until the clock gets to that number.


6. Favourite toy – Lots of children can’t sleep without a comforter or favourite toy. Favourite toys are great for helping your child sleep better at night. They’re perfect to cuddle, they smell comforting and they can make little ones feel safe and secure when you’re not around.


7. Comfortable bedding – It’s difficult to get to sleep if your bed or bedding is uncomfortable so make sure to invest in the correct tog for each season to ensure a cosy night’s sleep.

* Star Buy: We love this super soft pink spot snuggle blanket – it’s warm and cosy enough to sleep in and great for taking on sleepovers or holidays.


8. Blackout curtains – Does your child struggle to get to sleep with the changing seasons? Summer means lighter, longer evenings and much brighter mornings. If you struggle to get your child to sleep when it’s still light outside, try investing in some blackout curtains.


9. Temperature – A cool bedroom is perfect for promoting a good nights sleep. If a bedroom is too warm, children can feel restless and struggle to get some shut eye. Set the thermostat for an ideal temperature of between 18-20 degrees.


10. Don’t use technology close to bed time – Did you know that the light emitting from most devices promotes wakefulness? Try cutting out TV, iPads and games a good hour before bed time. Replacing technology with a book and some quiet time can really help children to have a better nights sleep.


Written by Chloe Ciliberto

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