When a child’s tooth falls out there’s always that mixture of a little bit of horror and a ton of excitement. The excitement comes with the thought of a visit from the Tooth Fairy (a.k.a Mum and Dad…). Make the experience that extra bit magical with these super cute Tooth Fairy ideas that are sure to blow your kids minds…

Cute footprints

Leave some sparkly evidence to show the Tooth Fairy has visited. All you’ll need is some glitter and a tiny Barbie shoe to make the prints and prove that the tooth fairy was really there!

Mini letter

A letter from the Tooth Fairy would make any child’s dream come true – as long as it’s believable! Create a special letter from the tooth fairy using a tiny piece of paper and a silver or gold pen – the more sparkle the better. Remember to congratulate your little one for leaving a clean tooth to make them feel extra proud.


Tooth Fairy certificate

Spread a little fairy magic and watch the joy in your child’s face as they receive an official Tooth Fairy Certificate from the Tooth Fairy. Downloadable certificates are available online, but if you want to make it bespoke to your child, why not DIY?

Sparkly money

Children should be lucky enough to get a shiny coin from the Tooth Fairy, but if you’re feeling extra generous and giving your little one a £5 for their tooth, why not dust it in glitter? Spray some a little hairspray to the note to make sure the glitter sticks.


When in doubt – GLITTER

A little glitter goes a long way! Add a touch of magic to your garden and sprinkle the grass with glitter to show your little one when they wake up.

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