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Whether they bring back nostalgic memories of rainy days in with your siblings or you play them now with your own children, good board games are indisputably one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. But just how well do you know the boxes of your classic favourites? Are you chairperson of the board or is it time to go back to the drawing board? Let’s find out…

Quiz 1

Handy hint: If you need a hint for this one then we don’t think you’re going to fare well with the rest of this quiz.

Quiz 2

Handy hint: What are all those things on the box?

Quiz 3

Handy hint: Global domination, you say? Seems like that might involve taking a big…

Quiz 4

Handy hint: The Game Of… whatever those people on the box are getting up to.

Quiz 5

Handy hint: We hope this one doesn’t have you ——– -ing around for the answer.

Quiz 6

Handy hint: You done sunk my…!

Quiz 7

Handy hint: It’s a murder mystery as well as a board game.

Quiz 8

Handy hint: We can’t give you the answer but we can give you a…

Quiz 9

Handy hint: It rhymes with the place where you can find all the words.

Quiz 10

Handy hint: A modern classic to finish us off. To get the answer you’ll have to use your…




ɯnıuɐɹɔ (01 ʎɹɐuoıʇɔıd (6 opǝnןɔ (8 dɐɹʇ ǝsnoɯ (7 dıɥsǝןʇʇɐq (9 ǝןqqɐɹɔs (5 ǝɟıן ɟo ǝɯɐb ǝɥʇ (4 ʞsıɹ (3 ǝɯɐb pɹɐoq oboן ǝɥʇ (2 ʎןodouoɯ (1

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