September is but a week away, and so the beginning of the new school term looms large. With the influx of text books and folders, the beginning of the new school year is the ideal time to create some new bookcase storage – the perfect place for your kids to proudly display their new school books.

Storage Baskets

If basic bookcases are not your style, then why not try attaching wire storage baskets to the wall. They look sleek and contemporary which means they will last into their teen years, plus they allow your children to see their books easily.

Hideaway Storage

If space is at a premium for you, or if you just fancy storage with a twist, then storage beds might just be the choice for you. They combine beds and storage, by creating oodles of space under the bed frame for cupboards and drawers. Some even include desks under the bed, so your child can have their very own homework space, away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen table.

Wallpaper Upcycling

If your little one’s bookshelf is looking a bit tired and shabby, give it a much-needed facelift with some DIY-ing. Pick a wallpaper sheet in colours or a theme that matches the rest of the room, or alternatively, collect as many wallpaper samples as you can to create a collage look. Paste the paper onto the back panel of the bookshelf, covering in varnish once dried to protect the paper. Hey presto – a completely new and updated bookcase!

Wall Stickers

If you have a low bookcase, then you might want to think about creating a feature wall above the bookcase.  You can purchase some incredible wall stickers, from beautiful butterfly scenes that can flit about your bookcase, to tall, elegant trees which can grow from behind the storage case to create a statement wall. Take a look at these free wall decals that come in a variety of themes.

Doll’s House

Create a statement storage system by building your child’s very own doll’s house bookcase. Using MDF wood planks you can construct a roof and chimney to go on top of the original bookcase, and finish off the look with wallpaper and paint.

Matching Furniture

If you and your child prefer a more cohesive look, then try finding a children’s furniture range that includes a variety of different pieces within their collection. For example, our simply stunning Leila Heart Heritage Collection comes with a range of gorgeously designed furniture, including the elegant Leila Heart Tall Bookcase, with three adjustable shelves and smart base drawer for hidden secrets!

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