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The family is excited! Vacation time and you have a perfect destination in mind. To get there, you have a road trip. You plan for snacks, dress everyone comfortably, and are all set to go. The first hour or so goes fine. Then it starts – “Are we there yet?”


Boring road trips are a thing of the past if you also take the time to find games the whole family can pay. There are a few requirements for a successful game that everyone can play.

  • No tools required – not even pen and paper.
  • Suitable for everyone – parents and children of nearly every age (Infants excluded.)
  • Everyone has to be honest – no cheating!

This list will give you five games to play with the kids even you will enjoy.

#1 Alphabet Game

Probably the easiest, and educational as well, this game has been around forever. It involves spotting letters of the alphabet and calling them out in order until a player is the first to complete the alphabet with the letter Z. Players looks for letters on road signs, billboards, license plates, and shop names on their side of the car.

#2 Twenty Questions

The passengers take turns asking twenty questions after a passenger says, “I am thinking about something.” The other passengers start asking questions, usually beginning with, “Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral?” They continue taking turns asking questions about size, color, sounds, etc. The goal is for someone to guess the thing thought of first. If the passengers reach the twentieth question with no one guessing correctly, everyone gets a last guess. Once the thing is guessed or revealed, another round starts with the winner (if there is one) saying, “I am thinking about something.”

#3 I Spy

For this game, players must think quickly. One passenger looks around, chooses an object and says, “I spy with my little eye something that begins with (insert the first letter of the object’s name).” The clue can be anything that will describe the object – color, size, etc. The player who successfully guesses the object goes next.  The clue has to be something other passengers will be able to see, such a large building, forest, or mountain, not something that zips by before others can see it.

#4 License Plates

License plates present multiple game opportunities. You can use them for the alphabet game, using only license plates. You can use the letters in order to create phrases. For example, “FPE” could become “Fly Pretty Elephant.” Or, you can use the letters in order to create words – “FPE” might be “frappe. “Another game for older kids is finding license plates from every state – not that hard if you are traveling on interstates.

#5 Picnic Game

An excellent memory game, the first passenger says, “I went to a picnic and I brought . . .” They name an item that begins with A. The other passengers go in order, naming the first A item, and adding a B, then naming the A and B item and adding a C item, etc. Each time, the player repeats the phrase “I went on a picnic and I brought . . .”  When a player misses or forgets an item, they are out. The winner is the player that is able to remember and repeat the most items.

Road trips do not have to be boring. The five games mentioned will provide hours of fun for every member of the family.

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