Not so many years ago, all parents went into labour with no idea whether they would be holding a little boy or girl at the end of it.  Usually a midwife or doctor had warned them if there was more than one baby, but there were no routine scans, and even when these were introduced, checking whether the baby had dangly bits or not wasn’t seen as a priority.

Things have changed so dramatically in the time between my birth and my sons, and now many parents -to -be consider the 20 week scan to be more of a gender scan than anomoly one.  There is also a growing trend to visit a private clinic and find out as early as 16 weeks whether it is time to shop for pink or blue sleepsuits.  Whilst there is always an option to remain ‘team yellow’, it is hard to have the will power, and I certainly don’t possess it!

We found out that our third little bundle is (as the title of the post would suggest), a third baby boy.  We were of course delighted to see our little guy fidgeting away on screen, and to hear the reassuring words ‘he looks healthy to me’ from the sonographer.  Our baby is growing, he doesn’t have any birth defects that they can pick up at this point and his heart is beating strong.  He also has the genitalia of a male.

We were met with excitement and questions when we announced our news.  A few people expressed dissapointment on our behalf, but what struck me most was the ‘so will you keep going then?’, after we had heard numerous people show surprise when we confirmed a third baby was on the way.  Can we not be content to raise  boys alone? Must every family need a baby girl?

As it happens, I am over the moon to be expecting a boy again.  With two older brothers, this little dude is looking set before we spend a penny.  We have boxes full of dungarees and dinosaur wellies stored in the loft, boxes of cars and trains and an attitude that the rain has to be pretty torrential to stop us getting out and having fun.  We are parents who have learnt how to change a boys nappy and play rough and tumble, we are ready for another boy.

Of course, a girl would have been lovely, I look at tutus and mustard yellow pinafore dresses with a little sadness that I will never have an excuse to venture that side of the store, but as times change and the market for boys clothes becomes so much more exciting, I find myself not that bothered.

An adult daughter sounds wonderful and I wouldn’t change the relationship I have with my mum, but I know men who share the same bonds as we do, whose mum is the first one they call with big news, and the person they turn to when they need a babysitter and I hope that my children grow up knowing I want to be part of their lives for longer than a childhood.

Mostly though, we are excited to meet our newest little guy in only a few months time.  We are reassured that we could see him on screen, and understand what a luxury this is and we are prepared for a little bundle of blue, the battle to choose a third name that we both agree on and looking forward to introducing him to his big brothers.

We are so lucky.


Written by our regular contributor Becky.

Website: http://themummyadventure.com
Twitter: @mummyadventure

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