British Sandwich Week this year is from 11th – 17nd May – it’s organised by the British Sandwich Association who are launching a new consumer campaign aimed at building the market with the theme “Good for Everyone”.  This campaign is to promote the positive attributes of sandwiches as a healthy snack and raise awareness of the importance of taking a break at lunchtime to have a sandwich.


British Sandwich Week will encourage the sandwich industry to support charity via the ‘Great Charity Lunch Munch’.   Customers of High Street sandwich outlets can offer a donation to their favourite charity every time a particular sandwich is bought during the offer period.  Specialist High Street sandwich vendors Greggs and Sodexo have already agreed to support the campaign.  Sandwich shop suppliers can also take part in this initiative by offering a donation to charity every time a particular ingredient or product is bought.

The British Sandwich Association is offering to provide point of sale support and a host of competitions to back up the campaign.  The Association will also support members via social media, as well as their website and press publicity.  This means that if you have an idea to contribute to British Sandwich Week, you can get in touch with them so that they can add some support.

The humble sandwich has evolved over the years into a healthy lunchtime snack in a wide range of varieties, fillings and flavours.  If you use healthy brown bread or rolls and the right combination of fillings, then a sandwich at lunchtime turns into a great meal that will provide you with the energy you need to get through the rest of the day.

As our contribution to British Sandwich Week here on Room to Grow we’ve come up with some healthy sandwich filling recipes.  Add the filling to buttered multi-grain bread slices or a bread roll of your choice for a great packed lunch.

Egg and Cress:  hard-boil 3 free-range eggs then drain and leave under cold, running water until cooled.  Shell and rinse the eggs and roughly mash with a fork.  Stir in mayonnaise and add some salt and pepper to taste.  Pile onto your bread slices or into your roll, add a generous handful of fresh cut cress then wrap up and go.

Ham and Mustard:  use your favourite sliced ham (buy good quality ham from your local butcher or supermarket) or thinly slice ham from a joint.  Lay the ham slices onto the bread or roll, spread your mustard of choice.  If the kids don’t like strong mustard, try using a mustard mayonnaise instead.  Top with the second slice of bread (or fold the roll), wrap and go.

Cucumber:  peel the cucumber first, then slice thinly and salt – the salt will draw out some of the liquid and prevent your sandwiches from getting soggy in transit.  Slice the bread thinly and butter then layer on the cucumber slices, adding a little chopped mint to taste if you like.  Top with the second slice of bread (or fold the roll over) and you’re ready to wrap and go.

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