As parents, life is hectic. There’s no getting away from it. You spend every waking hour devoting yourself to the children, to work, running errands, making meals … the list goes on, and it can feel like you’re always at the bottom of that list.

The good news is that you don’t have to feel neglected. It’s easy to make time for yourself, even when it may seem like you have no time at all. It’s easy and it’s important. You’re no use to anyone if your brain is fried and you’re so tired you’ve burnt the tea again!

Here are five little tips for keeping your sanity. I hope that if you try some of these for yourself that you’ll comment below and let me know if you felt more relaxed afterwards.

1. Read a Book

Setting aside time to read may seem like a big thing to ask you to do, but I don’t meant for you to read an entire book in one night.

When the kids are in bed, make yourself a cuppa and read one chapter from a book. Just twenty minutes reading in the evening will help you to relax. You may have a pile of work to do, but if I’m relaxed when I sit down to tackle my workload I find that I’m more focused and ultimately get more done.

2. Take a Bath or Shower

Taking a long hot shower or bath is something I find very relaxing – but only if there aren’t little people knocking at the door or wandering into the bathroom for a wee every five minutes! Try to take advantage of when they are napping, at school or in bed. Youll be glad you did!

3. Get Some Exercise

I am the first to admit that I dislike exercise. What I can’t deny though is the benefit I feel once I’ve been to the gym or even just done 20 minutes of an exercise DVD. So I force myself to get up off the sofa, and I always feel pleased with myself afterwards!

4. Call a Friend

Call a friend and talk about the weather, the upcoming school break, the latest episode of Emmerdale … talk about anything. Talking to friends can be a welcome distraction when you just need a 5 minute break from your routine.

5. Write it Down

I’m a blogger – it’s in my nature to write things down when they’re on my mind. That isn’t something that occurs to everyone though, so I would always suggest to someone with a lot on their mind to write down their thoughts. Big problems can be easily broken down on paper and can seem much easier to tackle.

What things do you do for yourself? Share your hints and tips so we can try them too!


Written by our regular contributor Karen Hannah.

Website: http://grumpyishmum.co.uk
Twitter: @grumpyishmum

All views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Room To Grow.

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