How to Teach Understanding Consequences

It’s part of your job as a parent to teach your child to behave in an acceptable manner.  Part of teaching good behaviour is teaching a child to understand consequences – cause and effect.  Your little […]

How to Deal with Temper Tantrums

Most children will have tantrums now and again, some little ones more so than others.  Basically, a tantrum is an expression of anger, the only way in which your little one knows how to express anger, […]

Manners From an Early Age

Manners From An Early Age

Posted on 18/06/2014 by Room to Grow
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Children aren’t born with manners; it’s not an innate ability.  Part of a parent’s job is to teach a child good manners, how to behave in a polite and considerate manner towards others.  A child with […]

Potty Training

Potty Training

Posted on 16/06/2014 by Room to Grow
Articles, Babies, Child Health, Education, Health, Room to Grow

When to start potty training is probably one of the most challenging questions facing parents of young children and there is so much conflicting advice and information on this that you can be forgiven if you’re […]


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