Top Tips for Turning a Nursery into a Toddler Bedroom

It’ll seem to happen rather suddenly; your tiny baby will all of a sudden be walking and talking and ruling the roost. At this stage it will be time to begin transitioning them from their nursery […]

Potty training

How to Know When Your Child is Ready to be Potty Trained   Of all the joyous aspects of parenthood, dirty nappies are not one of them. Factor in up to four years of nappy changing […]

10 Honest Gift Ideas for a Friend Who is About to Become a Parent

Being a new parent; you’ve been there, done that. Maybe more than once. So when you meet up with a friend who’s about to bring a little bundle of joy in the world, you can’t help […]

Things to do with your Toddler when you have a New-Born

Bringing your new baby home can be an awe-inspiring but overwhelming experience. This is especially apt if you already have small children. A new baby is a big change for everyone in your family, even more […]

Storage Hacks

While we’d all love to give our children whole fairytale castles and enchanted forests to play in, sometimes we have to accept the limitations of our living space. And when that living space is small, a […]

What's the reason behind traditional gender colours

To discover the reason behind the traditional gender colours for kids, one must explore when pink first became a colour designating girls, and blue was the preferred colour for boys. A look at the history of […]

What to do with outgrown clothes

Children hit growth spurts and it will suddenly feel as if none of their clothes fit them anymore. If you are lucky enough to have multiple children, pass out-grown clothes down to younger siblings. Remember that […]

Career advice in Primary school

Can You Predict Your Child’s Future Occupation?

Posted on 12/02/2015 by Room to Grow

As you hold your infant, you may wonder, “What will my baby be when they grow up?” So many things can influence the future career for your child that you may think it is impossible to […]

Child hating baths

What to Do If Your Baby Hates Bath Time

Posted on 02/02/2015 by Room to Grow

Your baby is one of a kind with a unique personality. As a result, they respond differently in each new situation they encounter. Some babies will love the bath whilst others may not; if your baby […]

How to Deal with Temper Tantrums

Most children will have tantrums now and again, some little ones more so than others.  Basically, a tantrum is an expression of anger, the only way in which your little one knows how to express anger, […]

Potty Training

Potty Training

Posted on 16/06/2014 by Room to Grow
Articles, Babies, Child Health, Education, Health, Room to Grow

When to start potty training is probably one of the most challenging questions facing parents of young children and there is so much conflicting advice and information on this that you can be forgiven if you’re […]


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