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How to Transform a Nursery into a Child’s Bedroom

18/09/2017 | Articles, Beds, Bedtime, Decorating tips, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

As much as we don’t want it to, the time comes when our little baby becomes a not-so-little child and their beautiful nursery just doesn’t fit the bill anymore. If you’ve got to the stage where you need to transition from nursery to child’s bedroom, here are some of our top tips for making the […]

How To: Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Child’s Bedroom

03/08/2017 | Articles, Beds, Bedtime, Decorating tips, Decoration, Fun, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Brave, bright and bold – a pop of colour adds spice to any bedroom at risk of being deemed bland. We know it can be daunting, as there is always a worry the shade will be overpowering, but if done right it can be just what the bedroom needs to give it sharp, modern look. […]

Clever Storage Solutions

12/07/2017 | Articles, Beds, Decorating tips, Decoration, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Kids have a lot of stuff. In a smaller room especially, this can be a real problem, with lack of space resulting in things looking cluttered and messy. As a parent, you have enough going on without trying to tidy all the time, so what you need are quick and clever ways to keep things […]

6 Steps: Create a Contemporary Unisex Bedroom

28/06/2017 | Articles, Beds, Decorating tips, Decoration, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Not keen on the idea of white? Bored with blue and pink? If you want to give your child’s bedroom that sleek and stylish look, try the cooling and soothing tones of yellow and grey – this season’s must have trend. Complimentary, simple and elegant – this colour combination suits both genders, all ages, and […]

Competition Time: Win a Bunk Bed!

17/05/2017 | Beds, Competitions, Fun, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

Throughout May and June, we are hosting a competition which will give your child a chance to win their very own bunk bed! We will be giving away a stunning Solitaire, white bunk bed to the lucky winner and want to hear all the reasons why your little treasures deserve a bunk bed: Do you […]

Top Tips for Moving Your Child from a Toddler Bed to a Big Bed

24/02/2017 | Articles, Beds, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Watching our kids’ height markers move further up the doorframe is bittersweet. On one hand we love watching them grow up into real little people but at the same time can they just stay tiny babies forever please??   If you’ve got a little one who’s growing up fast, chances are they’ll soon be making […]

Bedroom Transformation – From Baby Boy to Big Boy

31/01/2017 | Beds, Decorating tips | by Jane Thomas

As much as we wish it wouldn’t happen, our little ones turn into big ones far more quickly than we’re quite happy with. It’s a nostalgic time but an exciting one too, as you start to see your child develop their own personality, traits, likes, and dislikes and show off something of the person they’re […]

A Fun Theme For Your Son’s Bedroom

28/11/2016 | Beds, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

If you’ve got a mini man in your household, you’ll know that little boys’ imaginations are limitless. One day you might have an astronaut at breakfast, the next a pirate staging a full blown battle in the back garden. If your little one has a favourite character to play, a fun themed bedroom is a […]

Creating Space with High Sleeper Loft Beds

21/06/2016 | Beds, Decorating tips | by Jane Thomas

Major Tim Peake may have just returned from space but we can’t get enough of it (space in our homes that is). If space is the final frontier in your house, or more specifically in your children’s bedrooms, then high sleeper loft beds are the perfect solution. Making the most of vertical space means you […]

Children’s Furniture Every Adult Secretly Wants

27/05/2016 | Beds | by Jane Thomas

Lots of things are really awesome about being an adult; you can stay up as late as you want, eat as many sweets as you like, watch whatever you want to watch on TV and also, wine. But when it comes to having just plain old really cool stuff, kids have got us beat. Take, […]

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