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20th March World Story Telling Day: Top 10 Most Popular Children’s Stories

20/03/2018 | Articles, Books, Education, Learning, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

Happy World Story Telling Day! No, we’re not telling stories, it really is the day for celebrating all things imagination and creativity. To celebrate this lovely day, we’re doing a rundown of the top 10 best ever children’s stories.   Where the Wild Things Are – Beautifully quirky illustrations plus a tale that teaches little […]

Which Famous Children’s Book Should You Read?

30/01/2018 | Articles, Books, Education, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

Do you love to learn or ache for adventure? Take our quiz to find out.

Top 5 Children’s Storybooks that Both Parents and Little Ones Can Enjoy

27/06/2017 | Articles, Bedtime, Books, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

Perhaps it’s just us but we think there’s something about children’s literature that we just enjoy more than books for grown-ups! Everything’s more magical, the illustrations are more imaginative, and the messages are more inspiring – something we need just as much when we’re adults as we do when we’re little (if not more!). Whether […]

10 Bedtime Books Parents Should Read To Their Kids Before They Grow Up

22/03/2016 | Books | by Jane Thomas

We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams… but some dreams just wouldn’t be as good without funny, moving, beautiful or memorable bedtime stories to inspire them. If you’re on the hunt for the very best tales to uplift little minds, here are some of the ones we absolutely couldn’t have […]

10 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Children to Read

04/03/2016 | Books | by Jane Thomas

As Roald Dahl once wrote, ““If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.” But with smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs packed with shows, apps and games to be played, books can often fall by the wayside for today’s kids. If you’d love your little ones to […]

Storage Hacks for Your Little Person’s Little Room

21/10/2015 | Babies, Beds, Books, Decoration, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

While we’d all love to give our children whole fairytale castles and enchanted forests to play in, sometimes we have to accept the limitations of our living space. And when that living space is small, a scattering of toys on the floor can suddenly look like a whole lot of mess. Luckily it doesn’t have […]

Three Reasons You Should Encourage Your Child to Keep a Diary

25/08/2015 | Books, Education, Fun | by Jane Thomas

Diaries and journals have been kept by people for centuries. Some have become very famous, such as The Diary of Anne Frank. Others have provided insight into the history of people and places. Although your child probably will not create a diary that everyone wants to read, they will derive pleasure from daily recording the […]

Why a Bedtime Story is Healthy for Your Child

18/08/2015 | Bedtime, Books, Child Health | by Jane Thomas

Reading a story to your child at bedtime has many health benefits – physical, mental, and emotional. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your child’s heart, weight, mind, and more. Some of the health problems researchers have discovered associated with a lack of adequate sleep are: Children between […]

Our 6th Story – Kissy the one eyed friendly tall clay blue monster – A story from Sarah’s World

03/05/2015 | Bedtime, Books | by Jane Thomas

Written by Alisha, aged 5 – who also provided the wonderful illustration Website Twitter Google+   Once upon a time there was a One Eyed Friendly Tall Clay Blue Monster called Kissy, one day his friend Cheaty called him to go to the park, he said “yes please” and off he scooted. […]

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