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How to Know When Your Child is Ready to be Potty Trained   Of all the joyous aspects of parenthood, dirty nappies are not one of them. Factor in up to four years of nappy changing […]

May is National Walking Month and the sun is shining so it’s the perfect time to encourage lazy little legs to get out and about. Walking is super good for you and for your children (in […]

In order for the human body to sleep, the core body temperature needs to dip. The ideal temperature for sleeping varies with age. A baby’s room temperature of 16-20°C is comfortable and safe for your sleeping […]

Every year on August 12, National Middle Child Day is celebrated in countries around the world. The day honours those children whose birth position creates some challenges. The first born in the family is often the […]

To discover the reason behind the traditional gender colours for kids, one must explore when pink first became a colour designating girls, and blue was the preferred colour for boys. A look at the history of […]

As parents, we want to keep our children healthy and safe. We monitor the TV shows they watch, avoid unhealthy snake foods, and make sure our kids get plenty of fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, we sometimes […]

Verrucas, or plantar warts, develop of the soles of the feet and begin because of pressure from standing and walking. They are harmless and often go away on their own. However, many times they become too […]

It is important to teach your children how to behave in public. One of the first, and perhaps most difficult lessons, is to sit still and stay quiet at public events. You can experience success if […]

Television has its good side. It can entertain and educate, opening new worlds for your child as they learn about different cultures and ideas. Positive role models can influence young viewers to make good lifestyle choices. […]

Most parents have areas of the house they want to keep their children out for various reasons. Younger children should be kept away from dangerous chemicals and tools. Older children are curious and parents may which […]

Research designed to determine the effect colour has on children has disclosed that colour does, indeed, effect the emotions and behaviour of children. As parents, we wish to do everything we can to help our children […]

   It’s part of your job as a parent to teach your child to behave in an acceptable manner.  Part of teaching good behaviour is teaching a child to understand consequences – cause and effect.  Your […]


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