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Most people love styling their homes for Christmas. Although hallways and lounges are typically the rooms to decorate, adding finishing touches to bedrooms can create cosy interiors. Here you’ll find our top tips for how to […]

This year, we have rounded up our top Christmas gifts and childrens beds available for pre-Christmas delivery!* Although incredibly magical, we know this time of year can sometimes feel stressful. With lots of presents to buy […]

The Top 10 Christmas Eve Traditions

The Top 10 Christmas Eve Traditions

Posted on 19/12/2019 by Room to Grow
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Christmas traditions are incredibly important and as a family you probably already have a few of your own, but we’re sure there is always room for some more. Christmas Eve is a magical time and often […]

How to Settle your Children to Sleep on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting days of the year, the build up to Christmas Day reaches its peak and for children the wait for Santa’s arrival really begins. Whether you have a Christmas […]

How to Make a Bedroom Cosy

Now the festive season is well upon us, it is the time when we all start getting the decorations out and preparing for the big day. Decorating our living areas and sometimes kitchen/dining areas is a […]

Stress-Free Christmas Dinner

Don’t get us wrong, we love Christmas but we wouldn’t be parents if we didn’t admit that the day itself can get a tiny bit stressful sometimes. With hot pans, an even hotter kitchen, endless dishes, […]

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Fed up of the constant repetition of the same festive decorations year in year out and searching for a fresh look for 2017?  Get inspired this Christmas with the following selection of innovative ideas to inject […]

How To: Make Your Home Cosy This Christmas

There’s nothing quite like cuddling up inside a warm home away from the fierce winter weather outside. To give you a bit of interiors inspiration, Room to Grow have pulled together a list of  ways to incorporate natural foliage, […]

Low Cost Christmas Activities

5 Low Cost Christmas Activities

Posted on 20/11/2014 by Annwen
Christmas, Fun

With the festive season almost upon us, it can prove to be a very expensive time for families, with gift to buy, parties to attend, trips to visit Santa and higher spending it can be a […]


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