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5 Ways to Survive Christmas with Small Children

22/12/2016 | Christmas | by Jane Thomas

Let’s face it: like Disneyland and pantomimes, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without kids around. While grown-up Christmases certainly involve a lot more booze, the excitement and wonder of little ones brings something magical to the most wonderful time of year.   That is until the eldest one steals the other one’s Christmas present and no […]

5 Presents to Buy Your Children that You Loved as a Kid

05/12/2016 | Christmas, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

5 Presents to Buy Your Children that You Loved as a Kid While our little ones are already getting started on their Christmas lists and dropping unsubtle hints about the latest gadgets, we’re getting nostalgic for our own childhood Christmases and all the wonderful presents we loved as kids. Modern toys just don’t cut it, […]

WIN Your Christmas Survival Kit

25/11/2016 | Christmas, Competitions | by Jane Thomas

Did you know there are only five Saturdays left until Christmas? Yes, that fact gave us a sudden rush of panic too! And it’s no surprise when there’s just SO much to think about, from deciding when to decorate the tree and then actually decorating the tree! Serving your Santa Claus duties and buying the […]

The Funniest Children’s Letters to Santa

23/12/2015 | Christmas, Fun | by Jane Thomas

When Christmas rolls around, do you sit down with your children and write letters to Santa? If not, you might want to start because Santa letters can have some pretty hilarious results. Here are some of our favourites.   Riley isn’t all that fussy. via   Modern life is rubbish. via   Consequences. […]

Quiz: What Did You Wish for as a Child at Christmas?

23/12/2015 | Christmas, Fun | by Jane Thomas

Nowadays our Christmas wishlists are fairly mundane; money, clothes, practical items for the kids, more money if possible, a tumble dryer. But back when we were children the sky was the limit when it came to our dream present. Take our quiz to see if we can guess what was at the top of your […]

Creating Magical Simple Family Christmas Traditions

22/12/2015 | Christmas | by Jane Thomas

We have so many fond memories of being a child at Christmas, each one unique to our individual families and friends. If you’ve got little ones for the first time this festive season and you’d like to create your own family traditions, here are some of our favourites: Decorate together The best Christmas traditions are […]

The Best Christmas Gifts for Parents

14/12/2015 | Christmas | by Jane Thomas

Whether you’ve just had a baby and can’t think what to get for your partner or you’re in search of something to buy friends welcoming a new arrival, choosing a gift for new parents can be tricky. Luckily there’s nothing we know better than parents so we’ve decided to share our Christmas 2015 wish list […]

After Christmas Clear Out

19/01/2015 | Christmas, Decorating tips | by Heather

So Christmas is over for another year, yet our house is still packed full of packaging, boxes and general wrapping gear. It feels like we’ll never be able to get rid of it all. Even copious visits to the dump don’t seem to do the trick and we’re wading through oodles and oodles of Christmas […]

Moving on from Christmas

07/01/2015 | Christmas, Health, Parent Health | by Annwen

Christmas. It’s one day. One day out of the whole 365. Yes, some years we can drag it out, maybe you can make the festive season stretch from early December to early January but then that’s it. For kids moving on from Christmas can be challenging. They are used to the decorations and they are […]

Winter flowers

23/12/2014 | Christmas, Holidays | by Catherine

Winter flowers   It’s nearly Christmas, and most of the garden has gone to sleep. The wildflower meadow, whilst glorious in the summer, has turned to seed and trampled into the earth ready for the spring. The woods and pathways, once overgrown, have become slippery and brown and the hedgerows are mostly bare of the […]

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