What to do with your old mattress

What to do with your old mattress

Posted on 10/01/2019 by Room to Grow
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In total, we spend one third of our lives on our trusty mattress, so when it begins to become tired and unsupportive a replacement is essential. Often, spotting the signs of wear and tear can be […]

Three Reasons you Should Encourage your Child to keep a Diary

Diaries and journals have been kept by people for centuries. Some have become very famous, such as The Diary of Anne Frank. Others have provided insight into the history of people and places. Although your child […]

Tips on Choosing the Best Bed for Your Little One

Whether your little one is making their first move into a big kid’s bed, or you have decided to update their current bed to a brand, spanking new one, picking the right one for your child […]

How to Encourage Your Child to Make Their Own Bed

“I’ll let you have one, IF you make your bed!” – how many times have you used this bribe to get your child to, just once, make their bed? If you’re anything like us, this has […]

How to Make a Bedroom Cosy

There are a number of different things which all contribute to getting a good night’s sleep, especially for children. Creating the perfect children’s sleep environment is one of the things which can improve the quality of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Children’s Beds

Posted on 28/11/2017 by Room to Grow

The world of children’s beds can be a complicated one, from bunk beds to cabin beds, how do you know what is what and which one is right for your little one? We’ve created an ultimate […]

How To Update Your Child’s Playroom.

Posted on 05/11/2017 by Room to Grow

Whilst playrooms, for your children at least, are a place of utter joy, filled with toys and fun galore. As a ‘sensible’ adult, they can be a cluttery (it’s a word, promise) nightmare, where even walking […]

How to Choose The Right Bed for Your Tween

How to Choose The Right Bed for Your Tween

Posted on 26/10/2017 by Room to Grow

We all dream of our little ones bounding excitedly up the stairs and jumping into bed, delighted to finally be able to rest their weary head! Though in reality you can probably count the amount of […]

Why Your Child Needs a Double Bed

Buying a double bed for your child may seem like an extravagance, after all they are so small, do they really need one? But if you have the space, then choosing a double bed can be a great […]

Parents’ Guide to Surviving the School Holidays

The school holidays are an exciting time for everyone, but as well as being a great time to spend time together as a family, most parents find the holidays quite stressful. Here are some tips on […]

Family Friendly Holiday Destinations

Family Friendly Holiday Destinations

Posted on 19/07/2017 by Room to Grow

Summer is here and it’s time to cram everything you own in a tiny suitcase, dig out your moth-eaten swimsuits and herd your family, whinging and shrieking, off on your summer holiday! However, if you are […]

10 Fun Things For Kids To Do Over The Summer Holidays

Its nearly the holidays! Yay! Although the summer can be fun for both you and your kids, we also know that as a parent it can be a little daunting. Keeping the children entertained and happy […]


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