Bedtime Stories: Children’s books to look out for in 2019

Winter is here and what better time to come in from the cold and get cosy with a fantastic story? Whether your child is a Roald Dahl or a Dr. Seuss fan, here are a selection […]

What to do with your old mattress

What to do with your old mattress

Posted on 10/01/2019 by Jane Thomas
Default, Learning, Room to Grow

In total, we spend one third of our lives on our trusty mattress, so when it begins to become tired and unsupportive a replacement is essential. Often, spotting the signs of wear and tear can be […]

Which ‘A Christmas Carol’ Character are You Most Like? Take the Quiz.

Which ‘A Christmas Carol’ Character are You Most Like?, take our quiz to find out!

Are You a Compulsive Shopper? Take the Quiz.

Posted on 20/11/2018 by Jane Thomas

With Black Friday around the corner, take our quiz to find out your shopping habits!

Three Reasons You Should Encourage Your Child to Keep a Diary

Diaries and journals have been kept by people for centuries. Some have become very famous, such as The Diary of Anne Frank. Others have provided insight into the history of people and places. Although your child […]

5 Ways to Create More Space in Your Children’s Bedroom

When your child is first born, it is hard to imagine that there will ever be a time when they will need more ‘stuff’! There’s nappies, wipes, creams, muslins, Calpol, dummies, 200 babygrows, and that’s just […]

Tips on Choosing the Best Bed for Your Little One

Whether your little one is making their first move into a big kid’s bed, or you have decided to update their current bed to a brand, spanking new one, picking the right one for your child […]

How to Create a Gender-Neutral Kid’s Bedroom

How to Create a Gender-Neutral Kid’s Bedroom

Posted on 16/05/2018 by Jane Thomas

Whether you have siblings of the opposite sex sharing, or you don’t want your child to be defined by blue/pink gender stereotypes, we have some fabulous ideas to help you create a stylish gender-neutral bedroom. Colour […]

What Are Night Terrors and How to Deal with Them?

Night terrors are scary experiences, for both parents and children. Generally, occurring between the ages of three to six, most children will experience a night terror at some point. The most important thing to realise, as […]

How to Encourage Your Child to Make Their Own Bed

“I’ll let you have one, IF you make your bed!” – how many times have you used this bribe to get your child to, just once, make their bed? If you’re anything like us, this has […]

How to Transition Your Child to Their Own Bed

How to Transition Your Child to Their Own Bed

Posted on 28/03/2018 by Jane Thomas

Co-sleeping is a rather controversial subject, with some parents vowing to never ever allow their child to sleep in their bed with them, whilst others encourage it, relishing the closeness of all the family sharing a […]

How to Host the Perfect Sleepover

How to Host the Perfect Sleepover

Posted on 14/03/2018 by Jane Thomas

Sleepovers are the bane of many parents’ Saturday night. Millions of children, running around your house, high on an assortment of E-numbers and refusing to go to bed until they have watched, and loudly sung-along with, […]


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