26th September European Day of Languages: 5 Reasons Why Children Should Learn a Foreign Language

Being able to take a trip abroad and being able to ask for things in a different language is a great feeling and one we should all aspire to enjoy – but did you know that […]

Children’s Chairs: What You Should Consider Before Purchasing

From dinner time to craft time and everything in between, our little ones can spend a lot of time sitting down! Which means that, when it comes to buying children’s chairs, there are a whole host […]

How to Bring the Outdoors Indoors this Summer

The British weather is never something we can rely on so we’ve put together a few ideas for those miserable rainy days to bring the fun of the outdoors in this Summer holidays. If venturing outside […]

How to Make the Most of a Small Children’s Bedroom

A children’s bedroom can get pretty chaotic and if you’re not lucky enough to have the largest home, you’ll need to make the most of every inch of your child’s own space. It’s very important to […]

Top Tips on How to Support Your Child Through Exam Season

However old your child and no matter what tests they’re taking, exam season can be fraught with anxiety, stress, and pressure… and it can be even worse for the kids too! As parents we all want […]

Baby proof your home

Every year from June 4th to 10th, the Child Accident Prevention Trust runs Child Safety Week – a week dedicated to raising awareness of common child accidents and how you can stop them from happening. This […]

11th February Make a Friend Day: Top Tips to Help Make your Kids More Sociable

At some point in our lives most of us have felt shy or uncomfortable in a social situation but shyness or social anxiety can be crippling for little ones, especially in their formative years. Learning how […]

How to Create a Safe Learning Environment for Children

With school back in full swing, many of us are still getting to grips with setting up a happy and healthy homework routine for our little ones. Even if you don’t have children of school age, […]

Green teapot and mug on a wooden tray on top of a coffee table

Top Tips to Help Beat the January Blues   Whether you’re in the post-Christmas doldrums or you’ve got midwinter melancholy or New Year sales buyers remorse, January can sometimes be a bit of a downer after […]

How to get Your Kids of Their Phones

Living in the age of technology, we’re pretty used to seeing people of all ages absorbed by their phones. While it’s something we’re probably all a little guilty of, it can be a problem when our […]


Transforming a child’s bedroom into a safe haven for them to play and grow is a rewarding experience for parents. But what happens when the little ones go to school and face dangers that parents cannot prevent? The […]

How to Prepare your Kids for Secondary School

Preparing for Secondary School

Posted on 05/09/2017 by Room to Grow
Articles, Education, Room to Grow

Sending the kids off to secondary school is a huge landmark. Moving from the small, safe, and familiar world of primary school to the big, often intimidating halls of a secondary can be overwhelming for some […]


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