School Day Tiredness

School Day Tiredness

Posted on 18/09/2013 by Room to Grow
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Starting school is a rite of passage for all kids – school is where kids go instead of work as they learn about the world around them and gain the knowledge and skills they will need as adults in this rapidly changing world. Starting school may well be the first time your child has experienced such strenuous and tiring days. The busy day, packed with learning experiences is likely to tire your child out quickly, especially at first and you may want to consider a slightly earlier bedtime for a while as your little one gets used to the routines.

Should You Let Your Kids Watch the Soap Operas?

We all want to do the best for our kids – that’s part of being a parent and there are times when we torture ourselves on what’s the best thing to do. We all know that too much TV is not good for kids but it’s not just the amount of TV that kids watch that we need to keep an eye on. We also need to be aware of the quality of the programmes that kids are watching and to make sure that these are age appropriate.

Making Music with Kids

Making Music with Kids

Posted on 12/08/2013 by Room to Grow
Education, Fun, Room to Grow

Music is a powerful medium – there are not many people in this world who don’t like music in one form or another. Babies love music – from the lullabies that can calm them down and even send them to sleep to upbeat sounds that have them jigging along. We all know that there are some musicians that are naturals – needing no formal musical education, they just CAN play. Some of these talented musicians are able to pick up any instrument (even one they’ve never used or seen before) and immediately get a melody of some sort out of it.

Creative Development – What Parents Can do to Help

Creative development is one of the six areas of learning for early years education and is all about being creative, expressing ideas and responding to experiences. Creative development is what happens as babies and young children start to explore the world around them. All children have creative ability and it’s up to parents and carers to help them express this ability and develop their creativity.

Mum, Can We Have a Pet Please?

Every parent hears these dreaded words at some point – “Can we have a pet please?”. If you’re a family that already has pets, then this won’t come as a shock to you – you already incorporate pets into your life and will probably have no problem taking on one more. Especially if the one more is something small like a goldfish.


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