9th May Bike to School Day – Top Tips for Helping Your Children Ditch the Stabilisers   Happy Bike to School Day everyone! Celebrating all things health, environment, and cycling, this special day is designed to […]

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolutions yet? Would we be wrong in guessing that one of them is to exercise more? If you’re anything like us, every year you’ll make the same resolution but […]

Its nearly the holidays! Yay! Although the summer can be fun for both you and your kids, we also know that as a parent it can be a little daunting. Keeping them entertained and happy on […]

It’s been maybe a year since you gave birth and you kind of hoped that all the extra baby weight would have magically vanished by now. You’re so tired, all your money and energy goes into […]

Five Fun Snow Activities!

Posted on 18/01/2015 by Heather

These past few weeks it’s either been snowing, snow has been melting, or we’ve been threatened with snow! But actually I love it. It makes the ground look so soft and fresh, and it also means […]

These days, children seem more keen on playing with tablets and hand held devices than playing on their bikes. Partly I think this is the perception by parents that it’s safer inside the house, which it […]

Windy Days Can Be Fun

Posted on 28/10/2014 by Catherine
Education, Exercise, Fun, In the news

Did you see that YouTube video of the Kinder Downfall waterfall being blown upwards? As Hurricane Gonzalo hit England this Tuesday, we looked out of the window expecting something spectacular. Along the coast, 70mph winds were […]

I had post-natal depression when my first daughter was born in 2009. She never liked sleep. I had it when my second daughter was born in 2010 too. I never had any 1:1 time with her […]

Family Autumn Activities

Posted on 08/10/2014 by Catherine
Child Health, Education, Exercise, Food, Fun

After such a long and glorious summer, it’s been a shock to the system this week, as the autumn is finally making an appearance. Now that everyone is back at school and the nights are drawing […]

We all know that kids love being outdoors, playing amongst nature and wildlife if possible.  Too many children in today’s world don’t get enough opportunities to spend time out of doors and close to nature.  Studies […]

Babywearing thing – What’s it all About?

Posted on 28/07/2013 by Catherine Godiva
Exercise, Fun, Health

There’s a new activity going on with young parents all over the UK – babywearing. It sounds like some odd sort of sport – just what is babywearing? Well, it turns out that babywearing is the term used to describe carrying babies in slings and harnesses – you’re not carrying them these days, you’re wearing your baby!

Getting ready for a new baby is both fun and challenging and one of the best parts is choosing all the new stuff you’ll need for the nursery. Cots, changing tables, baby baths – this list is endless. There is so much equipment that you’ll need that it can seem as if you’re spending a small fortune. However, there’s one item of equipment that’s not usually recommended in the baby books – the beanbag.


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