Despite the current pandemic meaning many birthdays will now be spent in the house, there are still plenty of ways to still host a brilliant children’s birthday party. In the age of digital it is still […]

Top Children’s Baking Recipes for Days Inside

Posted on 15/04/2020 by Room to Grow
Food, Fun, Learning

With all of us spending more time indoors, it is the perfect time to tackle some activities which would not usually have the time for. Baking is a great activity to get stuck into, not only […]

Do Food Choices affect Children's sleep

Diet, lifestyle and sleep all go hand in hand. We all know how important diet and exercise is for our health and our children’s health however sleep also plays a massive role in this. Studies have […]

1st October World Vegetarian Day: 5 Veggie Recipes

Did you know that more than a quarter of all dinners eaten every night in the UK contain no meat or fish? Vegetarianism is on the rise and, with so many health benefits going along with […]

Stress-Free Christmas Dinner

Don’t get us wrong, we love Christmas but we wouldn’t be parents if we didn’t admit that the day itself can get a tiny bit stressful sometimes. With hot pans, an even hotter kitchen, endless dishes, […]

10 Perfect Picnic Ideas

10 Ideas for the Perfect Picnic

Posted on 30/06/2016 by Room to Grow
Food, Fun, Holidays

Sun is shining, weather is sweet, makes you want to move those dancing feet all the way to your nearest picnic hotspot. But while most people are content to recline in the sunshine and nibble on […]

Healthy food choice with Chicken and Broccoli

Homemade food is better for you than ready meals – that’s a given.  We’ve all watched as celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver strive to get us back into the home cooking habit with tasty treats and […]

Eating together as a family

I’m mum to three little girls aged 5,4,1. I also work as an in-house PR for a large Craft company docrafts and I’m married to a Tax Manager. As working parents, we juggle a lot and […]

Perfect Pancakes Every Time

Perfect Pancakes Every Time

Posted on 26/06/2014 by Room to Grow
Articles, Food, Fun, Nutrition

Last week saw Pancake Day, followed by the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday.  Pancake Day, officially known as Shrove Tuesday is the last day before Lent and seen as a last opportunity to indulge and […]

Heart Shaped Cookies Recipes For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, it’s time to get your skates on and bake some tasty little treats with your little ones to celebrate the day of Luuuurve. We’ve come up with some great simple recipes […]


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