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Anti-Bullying Week: 3 Top Tips to Beat the Bullies

13/11/2017 | Articles, Child Health, Health, Learning, Room to Grow, Safety | by Jane Thomas

Starting from November 13th, Anti-Bullying Week is a special week dedicated to raising awareness of bullying and helping parents and children learn useful ways to prevent bullying throughout the rest of the year. The theme of this year’s campaign is, ‘All Different, All Equal” and is all about celebrating the things that make us unique. […]

Quick and Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas

22/09/2017 | Articles, Child Health, Education, Food, Fun, Health, Nutrition, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

When we were younger, a pack of crisps and a chocolate bar was standard fare for a packed lunch. However the more research is done into children’s diets, the more we become aware of the importance of proper nutrition in our homes and the more we want to make sure our children are eating healthily. […]

How to Deal with Your Child’s Night Terrors

04/07/2017 | Articles, Bedtime, Child Health, Education, Health, Learning, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

While many of us have experienced nightmares, night terrors are a very different occurrence that are actually classed as a type of sleep disorder by the NHS. If your little one has been suffering from night terrors, here’s everything you need to know including the best ways to help both yourself and your child cope. […]

The Best Examples You Can Set Your Children

18/04/2017 | Articles, Health, Learning, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

From making sure they can look after themselves to helping them grow up to be nice people, raising children is a huge responsibility. While you might think you’re teaching them all the right things, it’s easy to forget that so much of what they learn comes from observing how you behave too. Here are the […]

8 New Year’s Resolutions All Parents Make

17/01/2017 | Articles, Health, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

As January rolls around, we’re bombarded with ways to make the new year a better one. While the fresh start is a fab excuse to make healthy improvements you didn’t make last year, we’re not such big fans of the pressure brought on by Perfect January! Plus, who keeps New Year’s Resolutions anyway? Here are […]

8 Ways to Keep Your Little Ones Cool This Summer

12/07/2016 | Health, Holiday, Holidays | by Jane Thomas

Summer days, driftin’ away but – oh – how on earth to keep kids cool when they’re playing in the sun? From beach holidays to garden picnics, sunburn, sunstroke and dehydration are always a niggling worry in the back of any parents head but they needn’t be if you soak up these handy tips for […]

How To…Spring Clean your Child’s Bedroom

10/02/2016 | Health | by Jane Thomas

Chances are that your child’s bedroom could be tidier. There are probably still toys and gifts leftover from Christmas that haven’t found a suitable place to go yet and the room could do with sprucing up. Spring is on the horizon and what better way to bring back some organisation to your child’s room than […]

Recipes: Simple Supper – Jacket Potatoes with Tuna

05/05/2015 | Articles, Child Health, Default, Food, Health, Nutrition, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

A jacket potato is the healthiest way of cooking a potato as most of the nutrients are just below the skin and the skin itself is full of dietary fibre.  Many people find the skin the tastiest part of a jacket potato and this recipe will make your potato skins absolutely delicious – crunchy and […]

How to get fit when you’ve got no time or money

09/02/2015 | Exercise, Fun, Health, Parent Health | by Catherine

It’s been maybe a year since you gave birth and you kind of hoped that all the extra baby weight would have magically vanished by now. You’re so tired, all your money and energy goes into looking after your small new person. You don’t want to buy new clothes in your current size because you […]

Being a Parent With Epilepsy – My Story

31/01/2015 | Health | by Karen Hannah

I was diagnosed with epilepsy as a teenager and it was a very stressful and worrying time for both me, and my family. I knew literally nothing about epilepsy when I was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy and my lack of even the most basic knowledge on the subject meant I did the one thing I […]

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