At Room to Grow, we believe creating a space that lets your child rest and learn as well encourage their imagination to run wild is extremely important. This is why children are at the heart of […]

Reading is important for children; it teaches them numerous skills and life lessons whilst providing them with a magical escape. It is especially good as part of a bedtime routine as it allows them to relax […]

Green grassy hills and stone walls in Yorkshire

As the UK’s largest county, Yorkshire has its own culture which is celebrated by many. Those who are Yorkshire born and bred are proud to be so, whether it be from the north, south, east or […]

The Importance of Safe Furniture

At Room to Grow we know the importance of safety when it comes to children’s furniture. However, we also understand that it’s something that may not automatically be the first thought for parents when they’re in […]

paper snowflakes at Christmas

Fun Snow Facts For Kids

Posted on 25/01/2015 by Catherine
Education, Fun, In the news

I woke up on Wednesday morning and couldn’t believe my eyes. Snow covered everything outdoors, not thick snow, but enough to provoke and excited “wow!” (from me, first of all). The walk to school was very […]


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