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We all know sleep is important for ensuring your child develops both mentally and physically, but who knew that the quality of your little one’s sleep can also play a big part in ensuring they maintain […]

Did you know that more than a quarter of all dinners eaten every night in the UK contain no meat or fish? Vegetarianism is on the rise and, with so many health benefits going along with […]

When we were younger, a pack of crisps and a chocolate bar was standard fare for a packed lunch. However the more research is done into children’s diets, the more we become aware of the importance […]

Perfect Pancakes Every Time

Posted on 26/06/2014 by Jane Thomas
Articles, Food, Fun, Nutrition

Last week saw Pancake Day, followed by the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday.  Pancake Day, officially known as Shrove Tuesday is the last day before Lent and seen as a last opportunity to indulge and […]

We all want our kids to be good eaters – enjoying healthy meals that will grow good bones and keep them healthy throughout their lives.  Encouraging good eating habits is vital for healthy, happy kids and […]

Fun Cooking With Your Child

Posted on 27/03/2014 by Jane Thomas
Fun, Nutrition, Room to Grow

Cooking with your child will be a great experience for them – fun, educational, and an adventure, which can draw you both closer. A bit of preparation will positively contribute to your child helping you prepare […]

Coconut in half falling

Coconut Oil For Healthy Kids

Posted on 04/03/2014 by Jane Thomas
Health, Nutrition, Room to Grow

Coconut oil is being lauded as one of the new healthy must-haves, especially when it comes to kids.  Coconut oil is an edible oil that’s extracted from the fleshy white meat of coconuts and it’s being […]

Kids Vegetable Face

Making Vegetables Fun For Kids

Posted on 02/03/2014 by Jane Thomas
Nutrition, Room to Grow

“Eat up your vegetables, they’re good for you” – this is a mantra that’s been passed down the generations since time immemorial.  We’ve all had it said to us and, as parents, we probably are now […]

Children holding and eating vegetables

As children grow, it’s vital that their diet consists of all that they need to grow.  We’re constantly being told in the print media, on TV and online that kids these days don’t eat enough vegetables […]

Physical Development is one of the six areas of learning in early years education and covers moving and handling skills combined with health and self care skills. We’re taking a look at Fine Motor Skills in this blog post (we’ll cover Gross Motor Skills in a separate post). Fine motor skills is the coordination of the smaller muscle movements such as the hands, fingers, wrists, feet, toes, lips and tongue and eyeballs.

We all know nowadays how important it is that kids eat healthy food – we’re bombarded with information in the media on a daily basis about how important it is to develop good eating habits. However, kids can be faddy and sometimes making sure that they get all the right stuff they need can be a difficult job for parents. This is to say nothing of the worry and angst thinking your little one is not eating properly.

While it may not seem extremely important, having a hobby will actually help your child to develop some very valuable life skills that they probably aren’t learning at school. Hobbies run the gamut from simply reading books to collecting things of all different types, building things like models and even buying and selling things like fishing lures or small pets. The actual hobby itself isn’t as important as the benefits that having a hobby will have while your child is still a child and as they grow into an adult.


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