3 Fun Food Recipies For Kids

Posted on 16/04/2014 by Jane Thomas

Encouraging healthy eating should start at home and where best to start than in your own kitchen?  Getting the kids to join in with making some simple snacks is a great way of teaching them about […]

We all want our kids to be good eaters – enjoying healthy meals that will grow good bones and keep them healthy throughout their lives.  Encouraging good eating habits is vital for healthy, happy kids and […]

Fun Cooking With Your Child

Posted on 27/03/2014 by Jane Thomas
Fun, Nutrition, Room to Grow

Cooking with your child will be a great experience for them – fun, educational, and an adventure, which can draw you both closer. A bit of preparation will positively contribute to your child helping you prepare […]

Top 3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Posted on 09/03/2014 by Jane Thomas
Nutrition, Room to Grow

Modern life is a real rush and never more so than for working parents with kids.  That mad rush in the morning is something that we’re all familiar with – there’s just so much to do.  […]

Coconut in half falling

Coconut Oil For Healthy Kids

Posted on 04/03/2014 by Jane Thomas
Health, Nutrition, Room to Grow

Coconut oil is being lauded as one of the new healthy must-haves, especially when it comes to kids.  Coconut oil is an edible oil that’s extracted from the fleshy white meat of coconuts and it’s being […]

Kids Vegetable Face

Making Vegetables Fun For Kids

Posted on 02/03/2014 by Jane Thomas
Nutrition, Room to Grow

“Eat up your vegetables, they’re good for you” – this is a mantra that’s been passed down the generations since time immemorial.  We’ve all had it said to us and, as parents, we probably are now […]

Top Four Italian Foods For Kids

Posted on 19/02/2014 by Jane Thomas
Food, Nutrition, Room to Grow

We all know that some kids are fussy eaters – a great way of making sure that your children don’t get too picky about their food is to introduce them to a wide variety of different […]

Children holding and eating vegetables

As children grow, it’s vital that their diet consists of all that they need to grow.  We’re constantly being told in the print media, on TV and online that kids these days don’t eat enough vegetables […]

Child eating burger

We’re all familiar with junk foods and asparents are constantly bombarded with information on just how unhealthy it is for kids’ whose diets consist mostly of junk and fast foods.  However, the days of full time […]

cupboard of art materials

Crafty Kids In The Kitchen

Posted on 02/12/2013 by Jane Thomas
Fun, Health, Nutrition, Room to Grow

Parents in the UK are always being warned in the media about the dangers to kids that exist in the average kitchen – hot ovens, chip pans, kettles and under sink cupboards full of toxic cleaning […]

Baby led weaning

The mess we can all get into is quite something. Baby led weaning means letting baby feed herself with her hands.

Halloween Healthy Food Treat Ideas

Posted on 30/10/2013 by Catherine Godiva
Nutrition, Room to Grow

If you’re planning a Halloween Party for the kids this year, then chances are you’re scouring the recipe books and the internet looking for food treats to serve up that will wow your guests. Baked potatoes and sausages are just not exciting enough for Halloween revellers these days and most of us are trying to come up with something that looks suitably gruesome for the occasion. There are plenty of Halloween foods available in the big supermarkets nowadays, but why not come up with some healthy alternatives to add to the mix and get the kids to give you a hand with the preparations to make it more of a family fun occasion?


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