Going back to work after having a child is tough. You’ve had a wonderful, tiring and eye-opening time while you’ve had leave from work and have been getting to know your new arrival. Tearing yourself away […]

Tantrum Child

Most toddlers throw tantrums at some point in their development. Tantrums are the result of your toddler not being able to control their emotions. Toddlers frequently have tantrums because they are tired, hungry, or are unable […]

Every year on August 12, National Middle Child Day is celebrated in countries around the world. The day honours those children whose birth position creates some challenges. The first born in the family is often the […]

Each year on August 11, parents around the world celebrate Son’s and Daughter’s Day. Our children bring joy to our lives every day, but it is awesome we have a day set aside to acknowledge how […]

Parenting has never been easy, but since parenting has gone high-tech it has become safer and often more fun. There are many apps and gadgets out there from which to choose. This article presents some of […]

What’s It Like Having an Au Pair?

Posted on 27/06/2015 by Jane Thomas
Parent Health

Frequently, parents require the assistance of someone to help them take care of their children. There are several childcare choices – extended family members (grandparents), nannies, or day care centres. However, many families are considering another […]

How Regular Bedtimes Help Parents Relax

Posted on 18/06/2015 by Jane Thomas
Parent Health

Studies have shown that a regular bedtime for your kids helps them get the necessary restful sleep. The benefits derived for your kids are not the only reason for a bedtime routine. Additionally, a regular bedtime […]

Your toddler grows tremendously during the toddler years, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Most of the sleep problems you and your child encounter are a result of the ages and stages of toddlerhood. You can help your […]

It may take you some time to get your body back to its pre-pregnancy weight and appearance. But doing so is possible. There are some steps you can take to not only speed up the process, […]

It’s been maybe a year since you gave birth and you kind of hoped that all the extra baby weight would have magically vanished by now. You’re so tired, all your money and energy goes into […]

I wrote a blog post not so long ago about my worries of being unable to master the art of homework and reading with my two eldest daughters aged 6 and 4, whilst on my own […]

Moving on from Christmas

Posted on 07/01/2015 by Annwen
Christmas, Health, Parent Health

Christmas. It’s one day. One day out of the whole 365. Yes, some years we can drag it out, maybe you can make the festive season stretch from early December to early January but then that’s […]


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