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Going back to work after having a child is tough. You’ve had a wonderful, tiring and eye-opening time while you’ve had leave from work and have been getting to know your new arrival. Tearing yourself away […]

Every year on August 12, National Middle Child Day is celebrated in countries around the world. The day honours those children whose birth position creates some challenges. The first born in the family is often the […]

Parenting has never been easy, but since parenting has gone high-tech it has become safer and often more fun. There are many apps and gadgets out there from which to choose. This article presents some of […]

   It’s part of your job as a parent to teach your child to behave in an acceptable manner.  Part of teaching good behaviour is teaching a child to understand consequences – cause and effect.  Your […]

Most children will have tantrums now and again, some little ones more so than others.  Basically, a tantrum is an expression of anger, the only way in which your little one knows how to express anger, […]

Earlier this year Room to Grow conducted a survey on discipline, asking parents from across the UK to answer a short series of simple questions on how they discipline their children and on their general attitude […]

How to Sleep Better

Posted on 08/05/2014 by Jane Thomas
Parent Health, Room to Grow

How well you sleep affects how you feel during your waking hours. In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need to develop and keep a regular sleep schedule, create a relaxing bedtime routine, and […]

February 11th 2014 is Safer Internet Day – no you don’t get a day off work for this, nor do the kids get the day off school.   However, as we all seem to spend more and […]

There are many differing opinions about whether or not it is a good idea for siblings to share a bedroom. Teachers will comment that, when asking a yawning child in their class why they are so tired, the reply is usually related to disturbed sleep because of a sibling keeping them awake. On the other hand, many parents will comment that their children thrive in a shared bedroom environment. Some families have no choice but to have siblings sharing a bedroom due to a lack of rooms (or unexpected twins or triplets!) If you’re thinking about whether or not your children need a bedroom of their own, you may wish to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of sharing.

This is the week when kids across the UK go back to school for the beginning of a whole new school year. Many little ones will be going to school for the very first time, with parents shedding a tear whilst taking photos of their little darlings in their fresh new school uniforms for the first time. For other children, it will be the start of a new school, the giant step to secondary school where education becomes even more of a serious business. Some kids will be starting at a new school due to the family moving home over the summer – this can be a bit of an awkward time, especially if the child feels like the new kid in the class that already has established friendships and tight groups. Whatever the circumstance, a new school year is always a fresh new start – a time for the kids to settle in as they mean to go on, doing their best to learn what they need to know to get a great education.

Bedtime in a family home should be a quiet and nurturing time, an enjoyable time for both parents and kids as the little ones wind down from their busy day and get ready for the Land of Nod. However, not all families will enjoy this civilized, picture book style of bedtime and many of us will be familiar with the pleading and whining that accompany bedtime, especially during these long summer nights when it gets dark later.

Every parent hears these dreaded words at some point – “Can we have a pet please?”. If you’re a family that already has pets, then this won’t come as a shock to you – you already incorporate pets into your life and will probably have no problem taking on one more. Especially if the one more is something small like a goldfish.


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