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Anti-Bullying Week: 3 Top Tips to Beat the Bullies

13/11/2017 | Articles, Child Health, Health, Learning, Room to Grow, Safety | by Jane Thomas

Starting from November 13th, Anti-Bullying Week is a special week dedicated to raising awareness of bullying and helping parents and children learn useful ways to prevent bullying throughout the rest of the year. The theme of this year’s campaign is, ‘All Different, All Equal” and is all about celebrating the things that make us unique. […]

Walk to School Month: Make Sure Your Child Stays Safe

01/10/2017 | Articles, Education, Fun, Room to Grow, Safety | by Jane Thomas

Every October is International Walk to School Month, a whole month dedicated to the health and environmental benefits of walking to school. But whilst a little extra walking can be great for both ourselves and for the planet, it can also come with dangers. Whether you’re planning on spending the month walking to school with […]

How To Help Your Child Deal With Bullies

07/09/2017 | Articles, Child Health, Education, Learning, Room to Grow, Safety | by Jane Thomas

Transforming a child’s bedroom into a safe haven for them to play and grow is a rewarding experience for parents. But what happens when the little ones go to school and face dangers that parents cannot prevent? The reality for our children is that they will likely be bullied at some point in their life, whether it […]

How Tech-Savvy a Parent are You?

20/07/2017 | Education, Fun, Learning, Safety | by Jane Thomas

Are you a tech-savvy parent or a queen of the stone age? Take our quiz to find out!

TESTED: The importance of child furniture safety

07/04/2017 | Articles, Education, In the news, Room to Grow, Safety | by Jane Thomas

At Room to Grow we know the importance of children’s furniture safety, yet we understand that it’s something that may not automatically be the first thought that comes into a parent’s mind when they’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle of preparing for a new arrival. Continue on to find out how our […]

How To…Prepare your Pet for a New Baby

08/02/2016 | Babies, Safety | by Jane Thomas

Pets and babies, it’s the ultimate cuteness combination…you might even feel like you already have a baby when you gaze into your pet’s eyes! But if you’re expecting the arrival of a new baby in your family, it’s important to try and ensure that the pet and baby dynamics will be harmonious and the transition […]

Fun and Safe Ways to Enjoy Fireworks Night with Little Ones

05/11/2015 | Fun, Safety | by Jane Thomas

It’s one of our favourite weeks of the year, when the night sky is constantly lit up with all manner of sparkling colours. If your little one loves fireworks, here’s how to enjoy Guy Fawkes night in a way that’s both fun and safe. Head to your local fireworks evening The best and safest way […]

Tips to Make Sure Your Little Ones are Safe when Trick or Treating

30/10/2015 | Safety | by Jane Thomas

Halloween can be a scary time. No, we’re not talking ghosts and ghoulies, we’re talking sugar highs, safety hazard costumes, angry neighbours and all the other perils associated with a night of trick or treating. Luckily we’ve come up with a foolproof guide to making sure you can enjoy Halloween in a fun but – […]

baby sleeping in crib

Create a Good Sleep Environment for Your Baby

12/04/2015 | Articles, Babies, Bedtime, Safety, Sleep | by Zee

Sleep is divided into five cycles that occur every 50 to 60 minutes for infants, more frequently than for adults. This means your baby has more times during the night when they may awaken. Babies sleep as much as their bodies need regardless of whether it is day or night. Your newborn may sleep as […]

Parents at Parties – Do I Stay or Do I Go?

17/02/2015 | Fun, Safety | by Jane Thomas

When your child is invited to their first party, it is completely normal to face the decision, should you stay with your child or should you allow them to remain at the party alone. Your decision depends on a number of factors. First, you know your child, their personality and their behaviour. If your child […]

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