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Understanding the Difference Between a Mattress Topper and a Protector

Posted on 27/11/2021 by Room to Grow

When choosing a new bed for a kids bedroom, we often think about the frame, the mattress, and the bedding. However mattress toppers and protectors are just as important when it comes to comfort – and ensuring your mattress stays in the best condition for as long as possible. “Wait, aren’t mattress toppers and protectors […]

Cute little child girl sleeping in her bed.

Managing Bedtime When Clocks Go Forwards or Backwards

Posted on 04/10/2021 by Olivia Lowry

When Do The Clocks Change? In the UK the clocks go forward 1 hour at 1:00 AM on the last Sunday in March (27th), and backwards 1 hour at 2:00 AM on the last Sunday in October (31st) as of the official government website. In the UK, the main purpose of the clocks changing is […]

Why is my child not sleeping? Common sleep problems with kids and how to solve them

Posted on 24/08/2021 by Olivia Lowry
Room to Grow, Sleep, The Sleep Charity

In this blog, we catch up with Lisa Artis, Deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity. The Sleep Charity campaigns to improve sleep support and access to high quality information, raise awareness of the value of a good night’s sleep and promote understanding around the complexities of sleep. We asked Lisa about the most common sleep […]

Toddler Laying On A Double Bed

Duvets Or Blankets For Your Kids?

Posted on 25/07/2021 by Room to Grow
Beds, Sleep

Duvets are the norm nowadays, not many people use sheets and blankets and there’s probably a whole generation in the UK who have grown up never having used a top sheet at all. Duvets barely existed in the UK until the seventies, we all used sheets with blankets and eiderdowns or quilts.

Cute little toddler girl sleeping in big bed of parents. Adorable baby child dreaming in hotel bed on family vacations or at home.

Managing your Children’s Bedtime Routines at Different Ages

Posted on 25/06/2021 by Anne Davies

When you have children of different ages, they will often need different bedtimes to suit differing needs and sleep requirements. Studies have shown that children’s bedtime routines help everyone in the family get a better night’s sleep; therefore, it makes sense to establish an age-appropriate routine for each child. Make Sure Each Routine is Unique […]

Help your child sleep in warm weather: our top tips

Posted on 11/06/2021 by Olivia Lowry
Room to Grow, Sleep

How can I help get my child to sleep in warm weather? Every parent has thought about how to get their little ones to sleep when it’s a hot spring or summer day outside. As temperatures rise and summer is just around the corner, sleep can become difficult not only for adults, but for kids […]

The Advantages of Toddler Beds

The Advantages of Toddler Beds

Posted on 31/03/2021 by Zee
Beds, Sleep

It seems as if just yesterday you brought your baby home from the hospital and now they are outgrowing their cot. The logical progression for your child is to move from a cot to a bed. Most children require a larger bed somewhere around the age of 2. The progression from a cot to a […]

A family kneel on a wooden floor to unpack brown moving boxes.

Moving house: Does changing bedrooms affect the quality of children’s sleep?

Posted on 19/09/2020 by Room to Grow

Many families will experience moving house at some point. As such, we asked Caroline Burke at The Sleep Advisor to talk around the effects that moving can have on children and their sleep, and how to ease the transition for minimal disturbance: Moving is stressful for the entire family. In fact, research indicates that moving […]

Blonde Child Trying To Get To Sleep With Teddy Bear

How Does the Temperature of the Room Affect Your Child’s Sleep?

Posted on 13/09/2020 by Room to Grow

In order for the human body to sleep, the core body temperature needs to dip. The ideal temperature for sleeping varies with age. A baby’s room temperature of 16-20°C is comfortable and safe for your sleeping baby. For your toddler to sleep comfortably, the room temperature should be between 18.3 and 21.1 Celsius. The temperature […]

Baby Sleeping In A Room With Blinds

Blinds vs. Curtains: Which Is Better for a Child’s Room?

Posted on 04/09/2020 by Room to Grow

Whether you are moving into a new home, redecorating your child’s room because they have grown tired or outgrown the chosen theme, or simply want a change, one factor that must be considered when you begin modifications is which is better for your child’s room, blinds or curtains. Both blinds and curtains provide unique looks […]

How to Ensure Your Kids’ Sleep Quality isn’t Affected By a Change in Routine

Posted on 18/04/2020 by Room to Grow
Health, Safety, Sleep

Whilst routines are changing for many parents as schools close, it is important to keep days and nights as structured as possible in order to stay motivated and ensure a good night’s sleep for both parent and child. In addition to sticking to a structure, other things which can help maintain sleep quality include creating […]

How to Settle your Children to Sleep on Christmas Eve

How to Settle your Children to Sleep on Christmas Eve

Posted on 15/12/2019 by Room to Grow
Room to Grow, Sleep

Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting days of the year, the build up to Christmas Day reaches its peak and for children the wait for Santa’s arrival really begins. Whether you have a Christmas Eve party, a trip to church or just a cosy night in, the excitement is real. Whilst the excitement […]


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