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The Benefits of Audio Books for Children

Posted on 08/01/2022 by Room to Grow

Along with writing and math, reading is an essential skill for your child to develop for school success. Unfortunately, many children do not have an interest in regular reading. Parents are discovering audio books, with reading accompanied by music and sound effects not only offer ease of use, but often also involve children in a […]

Are Children too young to be using phones

Is Your Child Ever Too Young to Own a Mobile Phone

Posted on 02/01/2022 by Room to Grow

When mobile phones first came out, my immediate response would have been that no child needs to have a cell phone before their teen years. However, we live in a changing world – a world filled with dangers and uncertainty. Research has disclosed that 25% of kids 2 years old and younger have their own […]

How to Prepare Your Toddler for their New Sibling’s Arrival

How to Prepare Your Toddler for their New Sibling’s Arrival

Posted on 17/12/2021 by Room to Grow

Anticipating a new arrival is an incredibly exciting time – except, that is, for any existing siblings. What you see as a brand new bundle of joy, they see as the little pink wriggling thing keeping everyone awake at night and taking all the attention away from numero uno. If you’ve got a bun in […]

Career advice in Primary school

Career Advice for Children: How Early Should It Start?

Posted on 15/12/2021 by George Sweeney

Parents, experts, and educators are beginning to realise career advice should not wait until children reach their teen years. Career advice for children as young as primary can set a child on the path to success, raise aspirations, help children value education, and prepare them for the workplace. This article will present some of the […]

Toilet Trouble: How to Train your Toddler

How to Toilet Train Toddlers

Posted on 09/12/2021 by Room to Grow

Nappy changes get old and parents of toddlers look forward to the day when they are no longer necessary. You can avoid toilet trouble if you follow our advice on how to toilet train your toddler. Pick the Right Time Even if you are ready for potty training, your child may not be. Unless your […]

The Ultimate Guide to Children’s Beds

Posted on 28/11/2021 by Room to Grow

The world of kids beds can be a complicated one, from bunk beds to cabin beds, how do you know what is what and which one is right for your little one? We’ve created an ultimate bed ‘Whose Who’, to help guide you through your choices. Bunk Beds The perfect choice if you have siblings […]

Cats vs Dogs

Cat vs. Dog: Which Is the Best Pet for a Family Household?

Posted on 22/11/2021 by Room to Grow

Dog or cat? The question about which of these are the best household pets for families is one which is asked many times by both families and experts. Both animals have advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it depends upon the makeup of your family and what you are looking for in a pet. Those who have […]

Top Three Best Role Models For Your Children

Top Three Best Role Models For Your Children

Posted on 18/11/2021 by Room to Grow

First things first, what is a role model? It’s defined as a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated or emulated. Copying in this way really is a sincere form of flattery. A role model distinguishes himself/herself from others in such a way that others admire them and want to be […]

How to cope with a teething baby

How To Cope With A Teething Baby

Posted on 15/11/2021 by Room to Grow

No two babies are alike and they all develop in different ways – this goes for teething as well as everything else. Babies all cope with it differently – some sail through the appearance of each new tooth with minor discomfort while others seem to really suffer severe pain and become inconsolable. Teething can be […]

Cute hairstyles

Cute Hairstyles For Your Little Girl

Posted on 14/11/2021 by Room to Grow

Chances are if you have a little girl, then you like to dress her up now and again. This can be great fun (as long as you don’t go over the top and dress her in clothes that are uncomfortable and difficult to play in). One great thing about little girls is the infinite number […]

How to Choose The Right Bed for Your Tween

How to Choose The Right Bed for Your Tween

Posted on 26/10/2021 by Room to Grow

We all dream of our little ones bounding excitedly up the stairs and jumping into bed, delighted to finally be able to rest their weary head! Though in reality you can probably count the amount of times this has happened on one hand, nay, one finger! However, if you want to turn this distant dream […]

Eating together as a family

Eating Together as a Family – Not everyday…

Posted on 21/10/2021 by Emma

I’m mum to three little girls aged 5,4,1. I also work as an in-house PR for a large Craft company docrafts and I’m married to a Tax Manager. As working parents, we juggle a lot and we beat ourselves up about working too. (I know many working parents do the same) The biggest thing we […]


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