The 4th of July is very significant to every American citizen as it symbolises the day they gained independence a few decades ago. Each year this date calls for a huge celebration from parties to parades across various states while they enjoy a nationwide bank holiday to mark the occasion. We’ve rounded up a few simple ideas to help you get into the spirit too this 4th July and make it a day the whole family can enjoy.

Why not throw your own garden party or barbeque, a great way to bring family and friends together. Celebrate the patriotic way by following the colour scheme of the American flag; red, white and blue. Instead of the norm give the day an American twist and create refreshing kid-friendly mocktails to keep them cool whilst playing out in the sun! Use grown-up glass jars as an alternative to plastic cups and then follow these instructions to create a gradient effect of red white and blue:

1. Begin by filling the glass jar about a quarter of the way up with the drink with the highest sugar content such as cranberry or strawberry juice for the red layer.
2. Fill the whole glass with ice.
3. Pour the drink with the next highest sugar content for the white layer such as lemonade very slowly over the ice. You’ll use the ice as a sort of buffer – pouring directly on to the ice with a very slow pour. If you just pour a whole bunch in quickly, the colours will combine instead and ruin the effect.
4. Repeat with the last layer of juice in blue.
5. Finish off with creating a straw by snipping the ends off of a long twisted sweet and place in the drink for that added bit of fun. You could even use contrasting white or blue laces to wrap around the straw and tie in a bow.

Another flag inspired treat but this time something the children can get involved in making too. They will hardly be able to wait for these iced delights to be ready to eat! Use a blender to create fruity smoothies, begin with raspberries or blackberries in the bottom for the navy colour, then layer with vanilla ice cream and finish off with blended strawberries for the red top. Add all ingredients into plastic ice lolly makers for ease and leave in the freezer for a couple of hours, then voila the perfect independence day cooler to enjoy!


Dec out the garden with American-inspired decorations to help you get into the full swing of July 4th. This bunting is super easy to make and will give the children hours of fun in the process. Hessian has been used here but any leftover fabric you have lying around will equally do the trick. Cut out approximately 10 bunting shapes or triangles to begin with, then all you will need is fabric paint and some ribbon or string to attach the pieces together once complete. Remember to stick to the colour scheme and the rest is up to you! It may be a good idea to venture outside for this crafty task to ensure paint spillages don’t cause too much damage.

Now the tasty snacks and drinks are taken care of and the garden is prepped to patriotic perfection,  it’s time for some games! Known as the ‘Rocket Toss’ all you need is 6 old tin cans which are piled up in a pyramid, then each player has three goes to try and knock them down with a ball! If you’re feeling creative use red white and blue duct tape to add various stripes to the cans. Who knew something so simple could be so much fun?


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