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Have you worked out what your child will be when they grow up? Do you spend hours wondering about their future careers? Well put that Magic 8 Ball down and listen up because we’ve got all the answers. Just take our short quiz to find out!


1. What would you describe as your little one’s main traits?

a. Smart & curious

b. Kind & caring

c. Funny & loud

d. Quiet & thoughtful


2. You witness a sad story on the news. What is your child’s reaction?

a. They ask lots of questions about what happened.

b. They get upset and worry about those involved.

c. They explain what they would have done in the same situation.

d. They don’t seem to register the story at first but make an observation about it much later.


3. How does your little one prefer to spend their time?

a. Out on long walks or exploring in the garden.

b. Playing with their friends.

c. Organising siblings into a post-dinnertime family variety show.

d. Reading or playing quietly on their own or with their BFF.


4. What is your child’s favourite subject at school?

a. Science, History, Geography – all of them really.

b. Home Ec. or Biology (they love learning about animals).

c. Drama, P.E. or playtime.

d. English Literature or Art.


5. What sounds the most familiar from Parents’ Evening? “S/he’s very bright but we might need to talk about…”

a. …letting the other children answer some questions…

b. …always helping the other children with their work…

c. …talking a little too much in class…

d. …participating a little bit more…

You got… Mostly a’s: Sounds like you’ve got a bright spark on your hands! If your little one is naturally curious and keen to learn then they could make a great scientist, lawyer, or journalist.

You got… Mostly b’s: How sweet is your little one? Always thinking of their friends and family before themselves, your child loves to care for others and would make a great doctor or teacher.

You got… mostly c’s: Do the phrases ‘Just a little quieter, please’ and ‘I’ll watch your full-length production of Jurassic Park feat. Barbie later…’ sound familiar? Looks like you’ve got a born performer on your hands, destined to be an actor, rockstar, or future Prime Minister.

You got… mostly d’s: Thoughtful, creative, unique, quirky. Does this sound like your child? Nature’s observer, a deep thinker like your little one is likely to grow up to be a writer, poet, or artist.

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