When we bought our house at the peak of the market, back in 2007, we never thought for a second we would still be here 7 years later. It was meant to be a 5 year option, one we would quickly grow out of while we built up our careers and got better paid jobs. Then the property crash happened, our respective pays were frozen, bonuses cancelled and all of a sudden we realised we were in it for the long haul.

However, we are now in a position to put our house on the market – we’ve had loads of viewings and even two offers, but nothing has stuck, and we are yet to sell. Things have reached fever pitch though as I am now pregnant with our third child – and although we have three bedrooms, only two of those are for children. So what do we do? Do we keep the baby in our room and cross our fingers hoping to sell? Or do we double up our two older children and pray they don’t mind?

In the meantime, owing to space issues, we need to find a smaller than average cot that will fit easily in our bedroom without causing us to constantly stub our toes on it! I like this option on Room to Grow, of a Tranquility Cot bed – it will last the distance as well as not being totally humongous, win win!


So for now, baby will be in our room while we decide what to do long term, one thing is for sure, we are going to have to have a serious think about furniture and be brutal about what we do and don’t need – no room for ANY clutter any more!

Written by our regular contributor Heather.

Website: http://www.pret-a-mummy.com
Twitter: @bargainmummy1

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