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I’m in two minds about winter. Part of me thinks, oh goodie, dark mornings might mean a lie in past six am as my three year old is fooled into thinking it’s still night time. However, there’s something else to think about – night chills. The age old fear of all parents; children waking up because they are cold – every single night! Gah! This is what is happening to us, our three year old is now waking in the night every single night – he climbs into bed with us and wakes us up, then we can’t get back to sleep while he snores on. I remember seeing on super nanny that you should simply lift said child back into their own bed – but at this stage I’m simply too tired to do anything but grunt. So what to do? I think we definitely need to invest in some more kids bedding, what we have must not be warm enough.  But even so, he just kicks everything off anyway! My husband has suggested getting some sort of clips to hold down his duvet, but I’m not sure what he means, or how that will work exactly. Would it even be potentially dangerous? I wish he wasn’t too old for baby sleep bags – they used to work like a charm, but he’d think I was crazy if I tried to put him into one now. So does that mean we’ll be woken up every night until the weather warms up again?! ARGH!


Sleep problems really do seem to be the scourge of every parents’ life, and often, never mind what super nanny says, there is no easy solution sadly, you are simply waiting it out until that particular stage has passed. Even if that takes ages. With our six year old, we have a totally different problem – insomnia! He cannot get to sleep and the poor boy just lies there desperately trying to get to sleep, without success! We find a good run in the park after tea to be a pretty good cure, though we can’t do that every single day. Ah, to one day have a full night’s sleep…

Written by our regular contributor Heather.

Twitter: @bargainmummy1

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