We live in a three bedroomed house. If I’m honest, it’s never been quite big enough for a family of four. Since it’s a three storey house, and quite narrow, there is not one room in the house where I can go and NOT hear another person. It can be quite tiring, as like most parents of small children, I do like peace and quiet and if there’s nowhere to go to get it, ARGH!

At the moment, both of our sons have their own bedrooms, but we have toyed with the idea of putting them both in ONE bedroom so that we can make the other “spare” bedroom into a playroom, so they just have somewhere to go, their toys can be contained, and we can occasionally have peace and quiet too. But I’m torn. On one hand I really like the idea of them having a purpose decorated playroom, but I’m not sure how they would take to sharing a room. Is it even fair to expect children to share a room? As a child I really treasured having my own space and a place to retreat, but maybe my boys are different? Maybe they would really love sharing a room and messing around in a bunk bed – what to do!?

sharing a bedroom

We have tried other options, we’ve tried selling our house without much luck, even thought about an extension – but it all comes down to the same question: Could our boys share a room? What would it be like and would they like it? How long would it go on for?  I guess we don’t know until we try, though I do like the idea of trying out some of the Room To Grow Bunkbeds as they are very VERY cool. I’ve even seen a bunkbed somewhere with a SLIDE going down it! Opportunity for accident or fun toy to entice children to go to bed? Or messing around opportunity at night time?
What do you think, should children share a room?


This is a guest post by Pret-a-mummy blogger Heather Mc.

Written by Heather – http://www.pret-a-mummy.com

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