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So, you thought your own New Year’s resolutions were important? Well move aside, because your children are certainly going to want to get in on the fun and come up with some delightfully exciting resolutions for the year ahead. Your children are constantly evolving, so helping your child to come up with their own resolutions is the perfect way to encourage new behaviours and broaden their horizons. If you’re not quite sure how to approach making resolutions, we’ve got some handy tips.

Make and share your own Resolutions

A great way to encourage your child to make New Year’s resolutions is to share your own goals with them. If you start making your resolutions together then you can turn it into a fun game that you re-visit throughout the year. Instead of it looking as if your child is making changes but you don’t have to, embarking on resolutions together shows your child that parents can always make little (or big!) changes for the better too.

Don’t put pressure on Resolutions

One of the best things you can emphasise to your child is that there aren’t going to be any negative consequences if they don’t achieve their New Year’s resolutions. The world isn’t going to end and they won’t be on the naughty list forevermore if they don’t quite manage to read one book a week for the entire year. It’s good to highlight skills such as determination and perseverance. If your child understands that as long as they’ve tried their best then that’s all that matters, they’ll have learnt a valuable lesson.

Realistic Resolutions

Making resolutions should be exciting for you and your child, but it’s important that your child doesn’t make their goals unachievable. Wanting to visit Mars this year is all well and good, but maybe when they’re a bit older, eh? Keeping your child’s ambitions firmly planted in reality means that it’ll be easier for them to make changes and feel good about themselves.

Don’t decide on Resolutions for your child

Even though you should help to keep your child’s resolutions realistic, make sure you don’t dictate to them what they should be. Try to guide them towards making their own decisions, as they’ll then feel ownership of their resolutions and will feel good for being able to decide on their own goals.

Not too many Resolutions!

Resolution making is a fun task for kids, but don’t let them get carried away with a gigantic list of goals for 2016. They’ll end up feeling overwhelmed by too many resolutions, so narrowing a list down to 2 or 3 resolutions is wise and will feel more achievable.

Family Resolutions

If you don’t want your child to feel pressurised by individual resolutions then you can always make resolution-making a family activity instead. If everyone sticks to the same resolutions then it means no-one can be singled out and everybody’s sharing the same responsibilities. Family members can help and encourage each other to achieve collective goals and feel part of a team, which are important skills for children to learn.


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