Childrens Beds To Create Cosy Corners In Your Kid’s Bedroom

Posted on 29/09/2020 by Room to Grow
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childrens beds and teepees for cosy corners

As we start approaching the winter months you may be thinking about how to create some cute and comfortable features in your childrens bedrooms. With a little creativity you can build fabulous cosy corners – proving that kids beds are not the only place to snuggle down.

Turning childrens beds into cosy corners for all ages

Creating playful and unique room features in childrens rooms can be super fun. This is the reason why we love styling up childrens beds and the wider bedroom. Our collection of teepees are fantastic for building mini dens or grown-up reading nooks. They can be customised to your child’s tastes and last throughout childhood. But how do you get started?

Find the ideal corner

Firstly, choose the perfect space. It’s best to pick a corner that your teepee can easily sit within. It should be placed slightly away from your children’s beds to help maintain a nice flow of the room. Once you have chosen the perfect spot it is time to assemble. Our teepees are super easy to put together, but should you need any advice, get in touch and we can help.

It’s all in the details

Secondly, it’s time for styling! If you have toddlers, it is important the teepee cannot be reached from your children’s beds. Decorations can be easily pulled down into the hands of tiny explorers! Most of our teepees come with a playmat and bunting, so this can be where you start. Draping the bunting around the roof, entrance or the side of the teepee gives lots of options for styling and playtime.

Next, add some lighting! String lights or festoons add a beautiful glow to any cosy corner. Add them to the teepee’s roof to create the perfect atmosphere for winding down. Keeping the lights on for bedtime is also a great idea so the soothing glow can be seen from your children’s bed.

Finally, throw in some cushions! Once the playmat has been placed at the bottom of the tent, some cosy cushions keep the reading nook nice and snug, as well as adding pops of colour. Our collection of cushions and throws are super soft and perfect for snuggling up. Once finished you will have created a gorgeous feature that your kids will love, which can be styled to complement your children’s beds.

We would love to see the cosy corners you create. Tag us in your children’s bedroom pics on Facebook or Instagram @roomtogrowbeds, you might even feature on our social channels!

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