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Lots of things are really awesome about being an adult; you can stay up as late as you want, eat as many sweets as you like, watch whatever you want to watch on TV and also, wine. But when it comes to having just plain old really cool stuff, kids have got us beat. Take, for example, these amazing pieces of children’s furniture that we secretly wish we could have in our own bedrooms.


This chest of drawers with bite

child 1

Who cares about monster in the cupboard when the monster that is your chest of drawers can easily scare it off for you? These drawers are just too cute for words.

This bed that’s fun all the way up to midnight (and beyond)

child 2

Of course – of course – it’s not practical to have a life size wooden Cinderella coach in the middle of your bedroom… but can we have one anyway?

This bed we are so on board with

child 3

Beep beep! Excuse us, coming through, in our DOUBLE DECKER BUS BED! This Julian Bowen London Bus bunk bed would look amazing in a retro, sixties-themed mod flat.

This in-house tree swing

child 4

Hold. The. Phone. Not only is there a swing in this child’s bedroom, it’s even attached to a real-life tree?? Kudos to the amazing parent who created this.

This in-house slide

chiuld 5

Well if you’ve got a swing you may as well have a slide too, right? We think getting out of bed for work in the morning would be so much easier if we slept in this Thuka Hit 1 Cabin bed.

This coolest reading den ever

child 6

If you at first thought this was a giant hamster wheel for children then, congratulations, you have exactly the same brain as us. On closer inspection though this big wheel turns out to be for exercising your brain rather than your rodents; yep, it’s a reading den with built in bookshelves. Want.

This really wild bookcase

child 7

At first glance this looks like a particularly chic display case but take a look again… That, ladies and gents, is a Wild West Teepee Bookcase and we love it!

This totally sweet chest of drawers

child 8

We love a sophisticated neutral palette in a room but we do believe a splash of colour is necessary to brighten things up a little. That’s why we totally want this adorable Smartie Pants chest from Ollie & Leila. What do you mean it’s supposed to be for kids?

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