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We don’t all have as much space in our homes as we’d like and sometimes it’s necessary to share. If you’ve got two superheroes and only one Batcave, here’s how to help them cohabit without starting a battle royale.

Space Wars

When dealing with sharers, space is one of your biggest enemies and you’ll need to maximise what you’ve got if you want to make room for more than one child. First things first, install bunk beds. You’ll save a whole load of floor space that would have been taken up by an extra bed, as well as adding all the fun of a jungle gym to your kids’ bedroom. Just make sure you’ve prepared a fair way to decide who gets top bunk…

Next, you’ll have storage to consider. Fitting two children’s worth of stuff into one room isn’t easy so look at all the space-saving options you can think of. From wall storage to under bed drawers, getting creative with your space will give your kids plenty of room to play.

That’s MINE!

Getting siblings to share anything is tricky so getting them to share the same space is even harder. Here, personalisation is your friend. Treat each child to a personalised bed or make sure they each have their own unique bedroom accessories or toy boxes. That way, they’ll have a sense of ownership and personal space in their own little corner.

Rules and Boundaries

If you’re about to embark on a shared room adventure, make sure you set up boundaries straight away. Sit down with your children and talk to them about how they’d like to share – whether they want privacy at certain times or whether they’d like their siblings to ask before taking belongings. The sooner you know what each child is comfortable with, the easier it will be to establish a harmonious atmosphere. If one child is too young to understand boundaries, help the older child by giving them a bunk bed buddy or another type of high-up storage that will keep treasured possessions out of little hands.

Bedtime Bother

One of the hardest things about having children who share a room is getting them to go to sleep on time. While they may hate sharing during the day, siblings will love sharing at night when they can stay up until all hours talking and playing games.

If you’ve got two sharers of different ages, try staggering their bedtimes at night. Put the youngest to bed earlier and don’t tuck in your eldest until the first child is asleep.

When you’ve got two sharers of the same age however, things can be a bit trickier. The best advice we’ve read is just to leave them to it. As long as they’re not doing anything dangerous, let them have time to talk and play. Eventually the novelty will wear off and they’ll be so tired they can’t keep it up anyway. If you’re really worried about them not getting enough sleep, try putting them to bed an hour earlier. They’ll think they’re getting away with being naughty while you can relax and enjoy your evening knowing they’ll be asleep on time.

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