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Growing families need room to grow which means that parents are constantly looking for the perfect home – somewhere big enough for all the kids to have their own room, perhaps.  We all know that having personal space is an important factor when choosing a home.  However, during the current economic crisis, many families who expected to move into a larger house when more kids come along are stuck – unable to afford to move to a bigger house.  This means that parents all across the UK have to be inventive and imaginative in order to make the best use of the space they have while they put off moving for a few more years.

Stompa Uno Midsleeper

A great way of saving space is to buy cabin beds for the kids.  Whether the children in your family share a room or whether you have to put one of the kids into what is little more than a “box room”, space is often at a premium.  Cabin beds save floor space and leave more of the bedroom available for playing or storage.

We all know that teenagers love sleeping close to the ceiling in loft beds, but is it safe for a little one?  Would it be a good idea to buy a toddler a cabin bed as a first bed or would it be dangerous to let them sleep so high up?  Not all cabin beds are of the high rise variety, there are so many ‘midsleeper’ beds available that are more suitable for little ones who may fear falling from one of the taller ‘loft’ style beds.  There’s still plenty of room down below for storage, where your little one can pack away all the precious toys and games.

Some midsleeper cabin beds even come with desk space for homework and all your child’s school stuff can be put away out of sight once the schoolwork has been done.  Others are more suited to storing cuddly toys and some of the more fun designs are geared towards imaginative play and can look great with the right décor in the room.  Cabin beds come in all sorts of designs – some even have options to add tents and tunnels for a better play experience for the kids.

Although opting for a cabin bed might seem like an expensive option, many of these beds can be converted to single beds when the child has outgrown the concept of sleeping in a cabin bed.  Some will even convert into bunk beds or high sleepers – it all depends on what you’re looking for.  Buying a convertible cabin bed like this means that you have many more ways of using the bed in the future.  Choosing a flexible cabin bed doesn’t just provide you with more space; it will provide you with more options as your children get older and change their preferences.

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