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When it comes to choosing a good, quality mattress for your child there are so many choices that it can become quite confusing. The fact is, we humans spend nearly a third of our lives in bed and, because of this, a comfortable, healthy and safe mattress is extremely important for your child. The truth is, even though a mattress is certainly not the most decorative part of your child’s room it’s definitely the most important. With that in mind we have a number of recommendations that you can use the next time you’re shopping for a new mattress for your son or daughter.


When it comes to mattress size of course we all know that there are twin, full, Queen and King sizes to choose from. If your child is out of the cot but still quite small then a single mattress should suffice. However, if your son or daughter is a long, lanky teenager then you may consider getting them either an extra-long single mattress or a double mattress so that they have the room to stretch out that they need to be able to relax and get to sleep easily.


Photo by Rachel Calamusa (Flickr)

Photo by Rachel Calamusa (Flickr)

No matter what size your child is it’s vital that you use a mattress  that gives the support that a child needs to make sure that they get enough sleep and that their spine and other skeletal joints are protected as well.


One of the more important aspects of any mattress is the type of material that it was created from. Many of today’s mattresses are made from polyvinyl chloride which can be seriously detrimental to their health as it emits chemicals that are known carcinogens. The flame retardant chemicals that are used in many mattresses are also toxic. Better to use mattresses made from natural materials such as cotton and wool.


As far as support is concerned what people in the mattress industry call ‘coil count’ is very significant. This is a term that simply refers to the amount of coils, or springs, that were used inside the mattress. For smaller, lighter children a lower coil count is usually sufficient but, as they get older and larger, you should definitely go for a mattress that has a much higher coil count. Yes, these may cost more but frankly the health of your child is at stake and thus we recommend a high quality, high coil count for older, adolescent children.


Many parents are trying to save money in this tight economy and occasionally will purchase used mattresses.  In most cases however a new mattress is a much better choice unless you are completely comfortable with the previous owner and know the materials that were used to construct the mattress that you’re contemplating purchasing. One alarming fact that you should keep in mind is that a higher rate of SIDS death in infants has been seen with used crib mattresses.


Sleep is one of the most important things that you’re growing child needs to be healthy and happy. The proper mattress is this vitally important for them and every effort should be made to make sure that the mattress you purchase is going to provide them with healthy sleep that they desperately need.

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