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It is time to choose a new mattress for your child. The need may be due to a number of factors:
  • It may be that your child’s mattress is old and worn. This is especially true if an older sibling used the mattress previously.
  • You may be moving and replacing furniture, so decide it is time for a new mattress.
  • Your child may have outgrown their mattress and bed. It may be time to move from a crib to a toddler bed or a toddler bed to a twin bed.
When you decide it is time to replace your child’s mattress, whatever the reason, consider the following to make sure you choose the right mattress for your child.

Children and many mattresses

Choose a Mattress Size
When you choose a mattress size, you need to consider the age and height of your child. You should also decide if you are purchasing a mattress for just one child to use for several years or one that will be passed on to younger siblings. Additionally, consider the following:
  • Consider the amount of space you have in your child’s bedroom. Do you have enough room for a double bed? If you have two children, would a bunk bed and new mattresses be best?
  • Consider the size of your child. Think of the long term. If you and your spouse are both tall, make sure you buy a mattress long enough to fit your child as they grow.
  • Consider the use for the new mattress. If you plan to use the new mattress for a guest visit or for sleepover, you may wish to purchase a double bed and mattress for your child’s room.
Choose a Mattress Type
To find the best mattress for your child, you need to consider size, type of materials used, and the firmness. If your child suffers from allergies, check the mattress label carefully to make sure there are no materials that may cause your child problems. When it comes to firmness, do not look only at the labels. Different brands may have different label names for the same level of firmness; one companies firm may be another’s extra firm.
Ultimately, comfort is the most important factor and each individual needs to decide what the most comfortable mattress is for him or her. Whether you choose a very firm mattress or one
that is soft is a matter of personal preference. If  your child is five or older, have them try out various mattresses to see which they prefer. A softer mattress does not necessarily mean less

Whatever type of mattress you choose, make sure it offers your child proper support. A mattress with a good infrastructure alleviates pressure on joints and nerves. An uncomfortable mattress can cause your child to toss, turn, and have restless nights.

Before purchasing a new mattress for your child, read consumer reviews online to find out what is available and the mattress buying experiences of other parents. Whatever mattress you choose, make sure you cover it with a liquid resistant mattress cover or pad; doing so helps keep the mattress clean and more sanitary. Also, many warranties will not cover a mattress that appears “abused.” Choosing the right mattress for your child is easier if you follow the suggestions we have given you. The right mattress can provide an excellent night’s sleep for your child.

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