So Christmas is over for another year, yet our house is still packed full of packaging, boxes and general wrapping gear. It feels like we’ll never be able to get rid of it all. Even copious visits to the dump don’t seem to do the trick and we’re wading through oodles and oodles of Christmas leftovers!

With this in mind, I’m going to have a good clear out this weekend and be totally ruthless. This means being really decisive and just getting rid of stuff I am unlikely to wear again even if I’m not 100% sure. Here are some simple tips for making those decisions…

1) If you haven’t worn it for the last two years, you are unlikely to wear it again! Sell it if you can or donate to the charity shop of your choice.

2) Clothing that doesn’t fit anymore likewise is unlikely to fit you again sadly, or by the time it does you will hate it and wondered why you bought it! Get rid.

3) Anything that is damaged, looks worn or bobbled needs to go. If you don’t feel good in it, you won’t wear it.

4) Do NOT ask your children’s opinion about which toys to get rid of, as they will be unwilling to part with anything!  Charity shops don’t want broken toys so find a way of recycling them at your local dump.

5) Our kitchen is full of implements we will never use. Garlic bread wooden serving plates, huge pepper grinders and broken food processors all need to go. If it’s not useful or beautiful -get rid of it!

6) Look at your bedding. This is something worth investing in because sleep is really important to parents. Anything stained, threadbare or just generally horrible looking needs to go! You could always tear up and make into dusting clothes or for decorating purposes.

7) We no longer buy expensive towels and simply replace all of ours every year or so from either Asda or Ikea. Fluffy towels are a total must and once they lose that fluffyness, sometimes even endless tumble drying can’t replace it!

8) All ornaments represent more dusting tasks for you and they are also things that children easily break. Question whether you actually need them, you can always store in the loft for when you move to a bigger house…

So there you have it! What are your top decluttering tips?

Written by our regular contributor Heather.

Website: http://www.pret-a-mummy.com
Twitter: @bargainmummy1

All views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Room To Grow.

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