Yes, it is still November, but with a baby growing inside me and getting larger by the day, I am starting to get ready for Christmas.  The last thing I want is to be rushing around the shops with two toddlers in tow as I am not organised enough.

This doesn’t mean that I have anything wrapped (or even bought to be honest), our Christmas tree is still tucked away in the loft and we haven’t even mentioned Father Christmas to the little guys, as their understanding of ’50 days away’ is rather limited  I have started getting excited though, and that includes a little shopping.

With every store selling Christmas themed clothing, it is hard not to resist, and leaving it until later to shop means you either miss out on your favourites, or get two weeks wear from them.  I will probably wait another couple of weeks before dressing the little guys in them, but they both have two festive tops to get them through the season, and I have been eyeing up some gingerbread print leggings for myself!

Our house is smelling rather delicious thanks to a ‘Christmas memories’ scented candle which seems to combine cinnamon, gingerbread and hazelnut-ty goodness and makes the house feel warm and cosy.  I have written a list, mostly for budgeting purposes, but if I spot any bargains now I know who we are buying for and we have brainstormed ideas too.


Next on our preparing for Christmas list, is our 1st December boxes.  These may be a relatively new concept, but once which I love.  On the first, the boys will come downstairs to a goodie box, new Christmassy pyjamas, a festive film, the all important Crimbo socks and some creative things to do to make our house feel colourful and decorated.  This box is there to get us all in the spirit for the season, to start the excitement and build up and paves the way for our Christmas eve box, with similar goodies.


What are your Christmas traditions?


Written by our regular contributor Becky.

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