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snowflake biscuits

If you’re a parent of young children the kids will be getting super excited about the coming Christmas.  The excitelment and anticipation is unavoidable, the shops are full of Christmas fare, the lights are up in towns across the UK and the schools are joining in with Christmas preparations.  Christmas bazaars, Christmas fayres, carol concerts and school Christmas plays are all being prepared with hard work and lots of fun.  With Christmas looming closer and closer, here at Room To Grow we’re running a series of Christmas Craft activities that will help you keep the kids occupied in the cold winter evenings as Christmas approaches.  Today we’re looking at some simple edible ornaments that you can make with the children.


We’ve already looked at how to make edible gingerbread ornaments to hang on the tree.  If you haven’t had time to make these or if the kids are too young for a session in the kitchen, then try these really easy decorations that are surprisingly bright and effective.  Buy a couple of bags of boiled sweets wrapped in cellophane in a range of different colours.  Tie loops of ribbon onto one end of each sweet and then hang on the Christmas tree.  With the Christmas lights shining on them, these sweetie ornaments look like little chips of coloured glass hanging in the tree.



You’ll need a pack of round biscuits (digestive or rich tea biccies are ideal for this) and a tube of white writing icing.  Give the kids a pile of biscuits each and get them to draw on snowflakes with the white writing icing.  Remember, snowflakes have all six points the same but no two snowflakes are alike.  This makes it easy for the kids to make their own unique designs on the biccies.  Sprinkle with some edible glitter for even more sparkle.   For some extra fun, there’s an online snowflake maker that’s free to use and fun to have a go at here.



This is a great craft activity that all the kids can join in no matter how young they are.  Really little ones will need help and supervision.  You’ll need a bag of popcorn – buy from the supermarket or make your own for even more crafty kitchen fun.  Give each child a blunt darning needle threaded with thick cotton and get them threading the popcorn onto the cotton.  For extra pizzazz, pop on a dried cranberry every so often for a hint of red.  This will keep the kids occupied for ages as they add to their slowly growing chain of popcorn!  Making popcorn streamers is great for developing hand eye co-ordination in young children and will also promote concentration.

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