In the run up to Christmas we’re taking a look at some of the Christmas crafts – stuff you can do with the kids to get them involved in the preparations for the festive season.  This is a great way of spending quality time with the kids on a regular basis – evenings spent in front of the fire or round the kitchen table all working busily to decorate the house with Christmas cheer.  One of the great things about making your own decorations is that they can be kept simple for the little ones or more elaborate for older children.  Costs can be kept to a minimum as the whole family joins in the fun.  Today we’re taking a look at some really pretty ways of making Christmas decorations from paper.paper snowflakes at Christmas

You’ll need the following items ready so that your kids can decorate to their hearts’ content:

  • Paper/thin card in a range of colours (cereal packets can be used instead of card but you’ll need to glue on some Christmas wrapping papers)
  • Glue and sellotape
  • Felt pens/paints/crayons
  • Glitter and tubes of glitter glue
  • Wooden beads in a variety of colours
  • Ribbon in a variety of colours
  • Christmas themed wrapping papers (these can be leftover scraps from last year’s wrapping)
  • A variety of assorted bits and bobs that you’ve collected with Christmas in mind

Gather round and have a brilliant evening assembling some decorations that will spruce up your house at Christmas time.

1 – PAPER CHAINS: One of the easiest Christmas decorations to make is a paper chain – a great way for the youngest members of the family to join in as it’s so simple to do.  Cut several strips of (different) coloured paper into rectangles 1” wide by 8” long.  Join the ends of the first strip with glue to form a loop (use a paperclip to hold together until glue dries).  Place a second strip of paper (of a different colour) through this loop and again join the ends of the strip.  Place a third strip of paper through the second loop and join the ends with glue.  Carry on gluing new loops until your chain is the right length.  NB – you can use sellotape or staples to join the strips into a loop if preferred.

2 – PAPER RINGS: Glue a sheet of wrapping paper onto thin coloured card (if using cereal packets for cards, you’ll need to glue wrapping paper onto both sides).   When the glue has dried, cut the card into strips 1 ¼” wide by 7” long.  Make each strip into a ring using glue, sellotape or staples to secure.  Punch a hole through the card where the overlap is.  Cut a 10” length of ribbon and knot the ends to form a loop.  Pass the loop through a wooden bead and then thread through the hole in the loop of the decoration.  Repeat using different colours of card/wrapping paper and different beads and ribbon for a variety of bright paper baubles to hang on your Christmas tree.  Add spots of glitter glue for extra sparkle if you wish.

3 – PAPER SNOWFLAKES: You’ll need squares of white paper (cut A4 sheets into squares by folding a corner into a triangle shape and cutting off the excess).  Fold on a diagonal to make a triangle then fold again to make a smaller triangle.  Then fold into thirds so that you have an arrow shape (Fig 1) then cut across the bottom (Fig 2) so that it’s straight.  Hold your triangle with one hand and cut out shapes along the edges (Fig 3) – experiment with straight and curvy lines for different effects.  Unfold for a six pointed snowflake.  Make a load of paper snowflakes (each one will be different and unique) in a variety of sizes and use to decorate the tree, the Christmas dinner table, the Christmas wreath, the mantelpiece, etc.  These can also be stuck onto wrapped presents in place of a bow for an extra festive feel.

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