Christmas Presents

Whether you’ve just had a baby and can’t think what to get for your partner or you’re in search of something to buy friends welcoming a new arrival, choosing a gift for new parents can be tricky. Luckily there’s nothing we know better than parents so we’ve decided to share our Christmas 2015 wish list with you so you’ll never be stuck for ideas again.

The Toy Basket

We’ll start out simple but oh-so-helpful. Any parent of young children will know the horror of a room post-playtime and will be forever grateful to you for buying them this toy basket that makes cleaning up child’s play. The neutral gingham design will even fit into any home – perfect if you’re not sure of their taste when it comes to interior decor.

The Smart Dummy

Ideal for gadget fans and worry-worts alike, this nifty dummy uses Bluetooth to transmit data about your baby’s health straight to your smartphone. You can use it to measure baby’s temperature, location, and even record any medication they’re on. It’s like if Q had a baby…

The Baby Food Dispenser

Messy mealtimes are a thing of the past when you’ve got a baby food-dispensing spoon! Simply fill up with your baby’s favourite foods and squeeze to dispense. One to buy for parents who love to keep a clean home.

The Universal Sippy Cup

Every parent knows that one of the hardest things about having kids is the sheer amount of equipment you need to carry round just to take them on a day out. Luckily there is one way to lighten the load; introducing SipSnap, a clever silicone lid that fits onto any cup and turns it into toddler-friendly vessel.

The Everywhere Highchair

Save a parent the hassle of asking for a highchair everywhere they go by buying them this clever baby harness. It fits onto any chair with adjustable straps and provides a comfy place for baby to sit wherever you choose to go.

The Information Blanket

If you or your friends love giving to charity, this is a pretty great gift idea. Not only does each blanket features important information for every new parent, every time you buy one another gets sent to a mother in need somewhere else in the world.

The Wigwam

Show a parent you really love them by giving their child a den of their own. This adorable natural cotton canvas wigwam gives children a perfect hideaway as well as, more importantly, giving mum and dad some much-needed me-time while their little ones play. You’ll be the most popular family member with both the kids and the parents.

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