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When I was little and growing up in the 1970’s there were plenty of cool toys to be had around Christmas time, ranging from Major Morgan the Electronic Organ, to the jewel in everyone’s crown, Bigfoot. But there was one thing you couldn’t really get away without seeing, and that was some sort of religious service on the telly on Christmas Day. There simply weren’t enough television channels to allow you to avoid it. Back then, people tended to go to Church more too.

Now days though, with about a hundred million television channels to choose from, not forgetting on demand services, DVDs, and Blu Ray discs, it’s all too easy to forget what Christmas is about, even if you don’t really celebrate it.


It’s only a couple of months until Christmas now and our three kids have already written their first draft of their Christmas lists. The second draft will hopefully whittle it down to something closer in value to the national debt of some South American dictatorship rather than the GDP of America but it’s all about little steps. What we try to do in the lead up to Christmas are lots of little steps to educate the kids about the meaning behind Christmas too.

This isn’t about making them enormously religious individuals, quite the contrary, we’d rather they followed their own heart in that sort of thing when they’re old enough to make the decision themselves, rather it is about educating the kids about the reason behind a festival they are celebrating. I think other communities and religions are a lot better at teaching their kids the meaning behind festivals than we are; we’re almost embarrassed to embrace the religious concepts behind Easter and Christmas as though it’s not cool to do so.

We don’t to anything too heavy, we just have a couple of Christmas story books that explore the nativity story that we dig out in the run up to each Christmas. Is there anything you do?

Written by our regular contributor Claire.


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