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I’ll be honest. I’m not a massive fan of Christmas. I sort of think it’s just a way to say goodbye to massive amounts of money for no good reason.  I do think the amount of presents that parents buy children has got out of control. I have seen many photos on facebook of presents piled high to the ceiling while exhausted parents look on bleary eyes while children go crazy, tearing off paper. This year, I’ve had to seriously reign in my husband, as he has already started to go overboard. Our boys are into Lego, which is really expensive. I see its value as an educational toy, but I also find that the models take ages for us to build, and are then trashed and lie in bits in a box. I just can’t see how they can be worth £70 a piece. I think children far prefer smaller toys that they can play with there and then, and that don’t take hours to build.

Maybe I’m being tight, but I hate to see the way people bankrupt themselves for the sake of one day of the year. I think these days, people are going more and more overboard and why? For me, it’s just more stuff to fit in our already overcrowded house.


Luckily, a few years ago since we had children, we agreed we would no longer buy presents for siblings as the situation really was getting out of control. That has eased things a bit, but not massively sadly.

What are your suggestions for keeping an eye on the finances at Christmas? Am I being mean?

Written by our regular contributor Heather.

Twitter: @bargainmummy1

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