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If there is one thing universally known within the parenting sphere (especially post-Christmas), it is that you will never ever have enough storage for your kids’ clutter. Their books, toys and clothes most probably lay strewn across their bedroom floor, forcing you to perform an acrobatic-like performance every time you enter their room. But, with the addition of some clever storage hacks, you can turn their chaotic bedroom into a tranquil and tidy oasis (well, actually, we can’t promise tranquil).


Rather than throw away your old coffee table, turn it into a play table for your kid’s bedroom. The surface can be converted into a play space, perhaps for Lego, playing board games or making crafts and then the underneath space can be filled with small, clear, plastic storage boxes to store all the added accoutrements.


The space under beds can be used to hide a multitude of sins, and not just dusty, raisin covered, unhoovered carpets! You can purchase shallow boxes, they come in all shapes and sizes, that can be slipped under the bottom of the bed, and inside which you can store anything your child doesn’t use that often.

Or, if you want to be really organised, you can buy beds that incorporate storage into them. There are many to choose from, such as cabin beds, that are raised higher off the ground, giving you heaps of space underneath for shelves, cupboards and even desks. Some beds come with storage within the bedframe itself, which can be accessed by lifting up the bed, or for more accessible storage you can pick a bed with a drawer built in underneath.

Wall Storage 

Rather than putting standard book shelves on the wall, try attaching old wooden crates or boxes to the wall. This creates a rather unique way of decluttering your child’s room, and you can even jazz up the boxes by painting them or covering the back in funky wallpaper. For storing smaller items, like pens and books, these wall boxes are fantastic.

Toy Storage

A simple but effective storage solution, toy chests give you lots of space to hide away all your child’s toys. They come in all different styles and colours, so you can definitely find one that suits their bedroom. Or if you are feeling particularly brave, you could create your own one from an old tea chest or trunk, choosing a paint colour to fit in with the bedroom décor and even embellishing with stencils. And, by using chalk paint you can even eliminate the need to sand the wood down.

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