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Kids have a lot of stuff. In a smaller room especially, this can be a real problem, with lack of space resulting in things looking cluttered and messy. As a parent, you have enough going on without trying to tidy all the time, so what you need are quick and clever ways to keep things clean without the stress. Your children need Room to Grow, so have a look at our top tips regarding smart storage solutions below – you’ll be amazed at how much space you could save!

Under Bed Storage

From baskets to boxes, under bed storage is the simplest way to save space in your child’s bedroom. With a low frame there are a number of options regarding storage, such as bags, wheeled boxes, sliding drawers and built in drawers. Wheeled boxes would be better on a wooden floor, whereas if you have a carpet you might be better with sliding compartments, especially if they’re going to be heavy. With built in drawers it may be best to wait until your child is older, as it is more permanent and thus more of an investment for the years to come. Bags can be either normal storage bags, or you can get compression bags which are great for items like bedding and clothes if they are not often used, as this makes them much smaller and saves a lot of space!

High Sleeper Beds

High beds again are great for storage, and what’s more your child will love them! From additional beds, secret compartments, ladders and slides, they will have a constant source of fun and you’ll save space and keep the place tidy too – it’s a win win. A bed for your child is imperative, but it doesn’t have to be low to the ground – the higher up the bed is, the more space you have for storage. Room to Grow have a large range of bunk beds on offer, from this all bells and whistles Maxi Combination Sleeper, to beds with pull out desks, additional storage units and shelving. We also have a whole range of mid sleeper beds with varying features for the younger child – we appreciate you won’t want them sleeping that high up in the first few years at least!


It may sound obvious but shelving is another great way to save space in your child’s bedroom. If you cannot fit a chest of drawers in or even boxes because the floor space is taken up, the chances are you will always have wall space. There are lots of different types of shelving, allowing you to get the aesthetics you desire as well as saving space. From float shelving, which comprises of box units attached to the wall, to clever corner shelving as shown in this image, get creative with your ideas to get the most out of the space you have and keep the floor clean. Another thing to consider is whether or not your children need constant access to the shelving, because if they don’t, putting shelving closer to the ceiling is also a great idea – it is out of the way and provides the room with lots of additional space.

Fun With Fold Up

And it turns out your walls are not just good for shelving! If your child is in need of a desk for homework, or simply just loves to draw and doodle, you don’t always have to invest in the bulkier floor desk, which may also be the more expensive option. Instead, as this image demonstrates, you can buy desks which fold up against the wall, and some which even act as storage units, thus saving you loads of space! It’s not just desks either, you can also get fold up baby changing units, perfect for a nursery which is on the small side. There are lots of different types and versions out there, from different shapes and sizes to different materials at different prices, so again you don’t have to compromise on style for the clever storage option. This will definitely give them more room to grow, and save them doing their homework at the kitchen table!

Adapting What You Already Have

The best way to save space anywhere is to be creative and to think outside the box (if you’ll pardon the pun). Have a look at the room you are working with and have a real think – what does the room offer you, and what are you trying to store? If the room is an irregular shape, think about how you could utilise that to place storage in the least used corners. If it is an attic room, are there rafters you could convert to get that additional storage space? It can be even more simple than that, like this mum who needed more storage for her son’s Lego collection, and so added some tiny shelves to the side of a larger shelving unit. Clever!

Radiator Storage

Another interesting way to create storage is to place a cover complete with storage over your child’s radiator. As well as being great for storage, this potentially makes the room safer, as there is no risk of them burning themselves or leaving anything flammable near the heat. Radiators often take up lots of space in a room, making it difficult to place furniture in front or around them. A radiator cover with storage solves this problem, again adapting to the space you have and being clever in the way you use it. It works with long, old radiators as shown in this image, but it also works for modern, taller radiators too – there are lots of different options available.

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