There’s a new app taking the tech world by storm – colAR is a computer program that uses Augmented Reality to bring to life your child’s colouring pages.  How cool is that!  To make things even better, this is not an app that engages your child solely with the computer – this is interactive in the real world as well as online.  You download the app onto your computer and then print out colouring pages for your kids to colour in.

Now comes the really important part – get your kids to colour in the pictures using crayons, pencils, paints – there’s a short instructional video on the website with guidelines on the best way to colour in.  Encourage the kids to spend time on the quality of the colouring – this has the bonus effect of helping to develop concentration.

Now comes the cool bit – launch the app and hit Play to start the camera view, and then hold up the finished colouring to the camera.  Magic – it grabs the colouring and ‘wraps’ it around a 3D animated model.  Voila – you’re looking at film of your child’s colouring. 

If you’ve taken a look at the website and you’re thinking that this doesn’t do that much – think on!  As I’ve said, this technology has got the tech world all hot under the collar.  Some of the most respected tech writers are testing this app and having a mini binge playing with it, as they once did with Angry Birds.  These tecchies are raving about how cool this app is, as well they should – it uses Augmented Reality in a really innovative way.

Today, a colouring app – tomorrow, who knows?  This is the very beginning of something with sooo much potential.  That’s why the tech guys are all in a dither – they’re beginning to imagine some of the possibilities.  Who knows, if your child is in on the start with this app, he or she may grow up to be one of the tech geniuses of the future, taking technology to whole new levels!

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