With three daughters all close in age and having a three bedroom house, two of them were always going to have to share.  At first this was never an issue as my two eldest daughters wanted to share a bedroom from a young age. They have done for years and have really enjoyed it.

This Christmas break our eldest daughter asked if she could have her own bedroom. She knew what she wanted and she was really keen. My husband and I agreed.

Our youngest daughter is 20 months old and has a really good bond with our middle daughter so they were excited about sharing. The only thing I hadn’t thought about was moving the youngest out of her cot and into a bed. I wasn’t planning on doing this until she was 2. I made the swap from an earlier age with my other two children but seeing as I’m not planning on having anymore, I was saving this time of her being little. My husband moved the beds around into the right bedrooms and sprung it on me that our youngest was in a bed rather than her cot. I was then in fear of the nights ahead and the reality hit me that my girls are growing up!

Whilst our eldest set to work making her bedroom look like a teenage pad, with her cool purple rug, her slippers carefully placed next to her bed, her DVD’s and DS games lined up on the shelf and her lipstick and mirror on her bedside table (by the way she is approaching 6 not 16!) she was the happiest little girl. I have managed to transform the other bedroom for the girls into a really lovely room where they both have space and comfort. Oh the joys of Pinterest!

Not only have we just had Christmas and about to start a new year, but another new milestone has been reached. I thought going from a change bag to a handbag was THE biggest change of 2014 but i think the reality that my beautiful girls are growing up and blossoming has just beaten it.

Here’s to 2015.

Written by our regular contributor Emma.

Website: http://www.theprmummy.com
Twitter: @theprmummy

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